Simplest way to check your Internet Speed by Netflix

In today’s internet dominant world we are sometime required to check our internet speed. Whether you want to check how much speed you are getting or if your internet is actually working, we all need free internet speed test websites.

While is the most famous website that had dominated for years, recently Netflix had launched the simplest free web service to determine your internet speed. This service is called as Fast, and is so simple that you don’t need to click any button to check your speed nor you see any advertisement. Moreover the trust of Netflix sign at the bottom makes it my primary choice today. Continue reading “Simplest way to check your Internet Speed by Netflix”

Monitor Internet Usage and Display it on Taskbar

I like monitoring my internet speed and the network bandwidth as it gives me the idea of how the network is responding. The graph (download and upload) that I see when downloading some file through torrent, excites me and thus for the same reason I would like to have something for my internet connection too.

Here is a tool called NetSpeedMonitor, that can do many things apart from displaying the internet download and upload speed on your taskbar. NetSpeedMonitor is a light network monitoring tool that works well on all the Windows OS. You can use this tool to monitor your internet speed for download and upload speed right on your taskbar. Continue reading “Monitor Internet Usage and Display it on Taskbar”

Utilize Reserved Bandwidth of the computer to increase Internet Speed

Getting sick with the slow speed of your internet connection? More or less we all think that it depends on the network provider but it is affected by different other factors. One such factor is network bandwidth.

Now what is network bandwidth? System reserves 20% of the total data interface provided by the network provider for QoS (Quality of Service), this reservation is done to deal with the Qos traffic which includes video streaming, windows update, VoIP, etc but this 20% is only reserved when you are using this Qos. If you are not using the same, by default you might be getting a speed of 100%.  And if you are using that service but still not utilizing it to the fullest then you are wasting a part of your data interface unutilized. Continue reading “Utilize Reserved Bandwidth of the computer to increase Internet Speed”

Increase Firefox Speed with Firefox Booster

If you are a Firefox fan and like working on it but are irritated as your Firefox is running slow then here is a simple utility that can improve your Firefox browser’s performance and reduce the reaction time.

The utility is called as Firefox Booster which is a small and simple app designed to accelerate and speed up the Firefox browser. What this utility does is, it configures your Firefox browser according to the internet speed you have. It changes the profile of the browser according to the internet type you have. Continue reading “Increase Firefox Speed with Firefox Booster”

Pros and Cons of a Broadband Internet

A broadband internet connection is one of the best and most effective forms of internet connections in the world. It has been observed that a broadband internet is currently the most advanced form of internet connection in the world; making things that were never imagined possible a reality, it is no doubt that this is one of the best forms of internet connection in the world.

In life, everything with advantages has disadvantages and the same principle applies to a broadband internet. This article will be giving you some pros and cons of a broadband internet. Continue reading “Pros and Cons of a Broadband Internet”