Facebook Web Search Coming Soon?

The web is all about the queries and the results. For all those who like to spend most of the time on internet, surfing and searching Google, you might get a new search engine soon. Whether or not you like Google, you were supposed to use it to make queries and get a pile of results but not now as it seems like competition in search engines is now growing and we now might see a new competitor soon.

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of famous social website Facebook indicated that the users might see a new web search engine developed by them. According to him, people are already using the Facebook search feature to find the social details of others and they are handling lots of queries daily. He also added saying that, they have a team of people working on developing the so called Facebook Search Engine, and at some point they will do it. Continue reading “Facebook Web Search Coming Soon?”

Disconnect your Internet after Definite Period of Time Automatically

I came across many people who don’t have unlimited access to the internet. May be because they are using limited plan or some pay per usage plan. Then if by chance their internet remains ON then they might lose some data of their limited internet data plan.

So to mange you data access, you should use InternetOff which will turn your internet access off after a set period of time. This application is not only for those who have limited access to internet, this application can be used by those also who have unlimited access to internet. Continue reading “Disconnect your Internet after Definite Period of Time Automatically”

How to get a VPN connection for free?

A virtual private network (VPN) is a network that uses primarily public telecommunication infrastructure, such as the Internet, to provide remote offices or traveling users an access to a central organizational network. VPN requires the users of the network to be authenticated with a user name and password. It reduces costs and prevents any disclosure of the private information.

The data present in VPN is secure and can only be transmitted to the remote/connected computers. Now you can also connect to VPN and secure for free with the help of proXPN Wizard. With help of this program you can surf securely. Continue reading “How to get a VPN connection for free?”

Control and Monitor Internet Traffic with NetBalancer

How many times does it happen with you that you see your internet data traffic being utilized at some place but you haven’t run any application using it? It happens to me a lot, thus I always required a tool that can provide the info on what app is using the internet.

With the help of this tool called NetBalancer you can not only check which processes, or apps are using your internet data but you can also control them. You can set a limit on the amount of data being consumed by the apps. So whether it is your download manager or the torrent client, you can also set their priority. Continue reading “Control and Monitor Internet Traffic with NetBalancer”

YouTube launches YouTube Schools for Students

I remember the days how I used to study and complete a work assignment that was allotted to me, those were so difficult but seriously the days have changed now, we have so many things to help us like the technology and so many resources like the Internet.

Seeking help from the Internet is quite common these days and in fact schools also use internet media like the educational videos to impart knowledge to the students. Thus YouTube is one of the favorite medias used. However one common problem with this is that YouTube have all sort of content and it gets very distracting to use it at the schools. Continue reading “YouTube launches YouTube Schools for Students”

Find out Files Downloaded by your Browser when browsing Internet

When we browse the internet we visit the web pages that we want. Whenever a webpage is loaded, it loads several items like the page, the images but there are several things that we don’t know about as they are downloaded by the browser in the backend.

If you have also wished to find out what all things were downloaded behind by your browser when you were busy surfing the internet then here is a free tool for that called WebSiteSniffer. The tool displays the details of the files downloaded in its window which is quite easy to understand. Continue reading “Find out Files Downloaded by your Browser when browsing Internet”