Transform your iPhone into USB Flash Drive with Phone Stick

This is the same problem to all the iPhone users, and being one I too have to face this. What I miss in my iPhone, the most, is the ability to transfer images and other data like a USB drive. iPhone needs to be synced with iTunes to be able to transfer data to and fro from it which is more like a restriction in case you are away from your system or at some system that do not have iTunes installed.

iTunes looks more like a restriction to me than a benefit, and to overcome this we have a tool called Phone Stick. As the name of the tool suggests, the tool turns your iPhone into a usb storage device which can be used freely as a USB pen drive to store images, music, videos and other things. Continue reading “Transform your iPhone into USB Flash Drive with Phone Stick”

Transfer Files and Apps from iOS Devices to PC with Syncios

For all those who have been using iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad or iPod know that how difficult it is transferring the data and other stuffs back and forth using iTunes. There are some limitations that we have to bear while using iTunes and iOS devices like we can’t transfer data back from iPhone to the computer, inability in using iPhone as mass storage device despite its high storage capacity. Well these were just few limitations, I am sure you must be facing several others too.

In case these problems are affecting you then here is some cool solution that I have come across recently. With the help of this free tool called Syncios, you can come over most of these and use your iOS devices without any problems. Whether your device is jailbroken or not this app will work best for you. Continue reading “Transfer Files and Apps from iOS Devices to PC with Syncios”

[Solved] Steps to Merge Albums in iTunes

It has been a while now since I am facing this issue of multiple copies of the same music album in my iTunes library. This started when I upgraded my iTunes to the latest version as it was working fine in the older version. I wanted to keep this new version only but had no solution as of now.

So if you are also facing this issue in which you are seeing more than one album of the same music album in your iTunes library then here is how to solve this problem. Steps to solve this issue are very simple but you need to do this manually for all of those. It will take some time but yes you will see one album each for every movie/album in your iTunes or iPhone/iPod. Continue reading “[Solved] Steps to Merge Albums in iTunes”

Can Amazon Kindle the Public’s Flame for Books?

There is no doubt that the world is in love with tablets. Instead of conducting mobile searches on tiny phones or hauling around a bulky laptop to watch streaming video, people can carry an easy to use touchscreen with them wherever they go. Amazon is set to release their new tablet which will bring its Kindle reader into the tablet generation. It will be powered by the same technology that powers the 4G Android Phone that competes with Apple iOS in the tablet and smartphone market. With Amazon’s dominance in the eBook market, can they transfer their success to tablets?

With nearly 75 percent of overall sales, the iPad is the dominant force in the tablet market. The release of the iPad introduced the world to a new style of Internet browsing. The tablet has become so popular that there has been a flood of clones developed by major phone and computer companies. Everyone from Samsung to Motorola has tried to capture a share of the public’s love affair for tablets; some with better results than others. Continue reading “Can Amazon Kindle the Public’s Flame for Books?”

Extract Contacts, Notes, SMS, Call history, Photos from iPhone Backup

As you know my older iPhone is dead now, I had to go for another phone. The advantage of buying the original iPhone was that I had to pay a little amount to get the new iPhone as a replacement. Now my biggest problem at the moment was to restore all the contacts and data back in the new model.

The task is easy if you have the backup in the iTunes ready but if the iPhone backup is not available with you, the task would be very difficult. While searching for a solution, I came to know about this tool called iPhone Backup Extractor, and with the help of this tool you can easily read the backups and extract any file from that. Continue reading “Extract Contacts, Notes, SMS, Call history, Photos from iPhone Backup”

Unofficial Wikileaks App removed from iTunes

Well most of us must be aware of the Wikileaks by now, but it came as a surprise to us when we came across the unofficial Wikileaks app in the Apple iTunes store.

The app holds the description as follows “The Wikileaks app gives instant access to the world’s most documented leakage of top secret memos and other confidential government documents” and was published by Igor Barinov. Continue reading “Unofficial Wikileaks App removed from iTunes”

Transfer Music and Videos from Apple Devices to Computer

If you use any of the Apple devices like iPod, iPhone or the iPad then you must have known that it is not possible to sync back the contents like music and videos from the device to the computer. This becomes a problem if your hard drive crashes and you don’t have a backup.

With a program called GizmoRip, now it is also possible to restore the contents from the Apple devices to the computer. The tool is specifically designed to serve this purpose, detects all the contents in the devices by itself and display them in the program interface. Continue reading “Transfer Music and Videos from Apple Devices to Computer”

iTunes Mini Library called iTuner

iTunes is a great software required to transfer audio and video between the computer and the iPhone or iPod stuff. It also maintains a global library in which we can listen to the music or watch the movies.

Now wouldn’t it be great if we can access the same functions of iTunes with a tool that can be run in background. iTuner is a tool that can be used to play audio and video on the system and also maintain the library. Continue reading “iTunes Mini Library called iTuner”

Manage iPhone and iPod easily with iPhone Explorer

Managing the iPhone and iPod without the iTunes is a big problem. If we do not have iTunes with us then we can’t update our iPhone because of losing all the existing songs and videos managed in the iTunes library.

But now managing your iPhone and iPod is easy even without the need for installing iTunes. You can transfer files in any format to and from the iPhone easily with this tool called iPhone Explorer. With this function you can use your iPhone as “USB-Stick”. Continue reading “Manage iPhone and iPod easily with iPhone Explorer”

Process Information: What is mDNSResponder.exe?

If you have been wondering what this process named mDNSResponder.exe is and what is it doing there in the computer then here are the details.

If you have Apple iTunes installed in your system then you must have seen this process one or the other day in your task manager. The mDNSResponder.exe process is related to the Apple’s Bonjour Service and gets installed automatically when you install iTunes in the system. Continue reading “Process Information: What is mDNSResponder.exe?”

Steps to install iTunes without Bonjour and Quick Time

I have seen many people who always wished to use the iTunes for their audio and iPod features but without the additional features like Bonjour and Quick Time as they rarely need them.

No doubt there is no way to not to install these programs while installing the iTunes setup and in addition these programs use a lot of memory thereby making our computer slow. Continue reading “Steps to install iTunes without Bonjour and Quick Time”

Update Music Album Art on iTunes or iPhone easily

No doubt Album Art gives a better view while listening to the songs both in iTunes and iPhone but if you have saved hundreds of songs in your iPhone without the album arts and are wondering how to add Album Art back to these songs, then below are the steps.


1.    First make sure you have all the images of the songs that you wish to put as an Album Art.

2.    Now follow the steps in this post that will guide you to add the images actually to the songs. Continue reading “Update Music Album Art on iTunes or iPhone easily”