Prevent Web Scripts and iFrames from Auto Loading in Chrome with ScriptBlock

If you are a geek user then you know how the information is transferred over the internet but if you are not into computers then probably you don’t know how a web page loads. A webpage can consists of some java scripts and iFrame boxes which might load in the background without any knowledge to you. While trusted websites use only the good scripts, you can’t be sure of all the websites out there. There can be some which use malicious codes to hack your data.

Thus it is very important to block scripts from running in the background while giving access to run to all those you trusts. Well if you are a Chrome user, then here is an extension that works great. The extension is called as ScriptBlock and will let you control javascript, iframes and other unwanted content on a website. Continue reading “Prevent Web Scripts and iFrames from Auto Loading in Chrome with ScriptBlock”

Solution to Save Images disabled by Right Click

These days, webmasters have started using some JavaScript to protect the images from saving down to computer by just right clicking on it and selecting the option of “Save Image as”. Yes I do feel this is necessary for some added privacy and security but it is also irritating if we want to save some legal picture or if we are authorized to do it.

This feature is used by many online forums and social networking site like Orkut is the latest example of this. There are many methods available to solve this problem and save the image like: Continue reading “Solution to Save Images disabled by Right Click”

Solve the Javascript:void(0); error problem

Some of our readers were facing this problem that sometimes when they try to click a link they see a javascript:void(0); code on the status bar of the browser and the link doesn’t work. We all must have faced this problem someday or the other as it is very common these days.

This problem is most common on Orkut and can be often seen when we try to scrap our friends and when we hovers our mouse over the “Post Scrap” button, this message comes on the Continue reading “Solve the Javascript:void(0); error problem”