3 Free Anti-Theft and Recovery Software to Track and Recover your Stolen Laptop

Just like mobile phones, laptops are also getting stolen everyday may be from coffee shop, airports or any location. When you are away from your laptop, anyone can come and pick it up within seconds. Protecting your laptop is very important as it is not only expensive to buy another one but also because it contains your sensitive data. It is difficult to track a stolen laptop once it is lost but if you make use of some laptop recovery tools then it is possible.

Here are some free laptop recovery and Ant-Theft software to protect your laptop. Continue reading “3 Free Anti-Theft and Recovery Software to Track and Recover your Stolen Laptop”

Find, Recover and Protect your Stolen Laptop with LockItTight

Laptops these days are so expensive that one can only wish to buy that lavish laptops and what if you have one? Well you need to protect it from various troubles. I have a good configuration laptop which I bought few months ago and it has my personal data too which I can’t afford to miss. What if somebody steals it? Laptop thefts are on a high these days and thus you got to be more alert to protect it.

But practically you can’t always be with your laptop all the time and this is when someone will try to steal it. Had there been a way by which the laptop can let us know its position on its “own”, recovering it would have been easy but in reality it is not the case. Thus you need to protect it with some app that can at least tell you the location and the activities performed on it when it has been stolen. Continue reading “Find, Recover and Protect your Stolen Laptop with LockItTight”

How to Change the Display Contrast of a Laptop Screen

Working on a laptop is one of the most convenient ways to use a computer. I work around 10 hrs a day on a laptop which includes working on my office laptop as well as on home laptop. Now since we all work so long on a laptop it is very important that we have the right display and color settings of the screen so that it doesn’t strain the eyes.

I had a Dell laptop till now whose color and display settings were good by default and I had no issue watching it but recently I had bought a HP laptop and the color and display settings of the laptop were not suiting me. Continue reading “How to Change the Display Contrast of a Laptop Screen”

Transform your Laptop into Wi-Fi Hotspot easily

In this modern age of wireless computing, everything is becoming wire free whether it is the hardware like keyboard, mouse or the wireless router. Also when we have so many devices that can use the wi-fi feature to access internet, today most of us have a wireless router at our home or office etc.

In case you are running with a wired router at your home but have recently got a new wifi enabled tablet and want to use the wireless internet on it, then here is simpler option rather than purchasing a wifi router. Just turn your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot which you can share on any wifi enabled device you have like your cell phone, tablet etc. Continue reading “Transform your Laptop into Wi-Fi Hotspot easily”

The Best 7 Windows 7 laptops of 2011

After dropping the ball with Windows Vista, Microsoft has recovered nicely with the highly-polished Windows 7 operating system. Now that more notebooks are sold worldwide than desktop PCs, it helps to know which laptops in particular work best with Windows 7. Mobile broadband comparison tests show that not all laptops are created equally. The following models offer an excellent Windows 7 experience on the go at extremely competitive prices.

Asus U36JC

Who says good things can’t come in small packages? The Asus U36JC manages to pack quite a punch for a 13.3” ultra-portable. With a Core i5 480M and 4 GB of RAM, its powerful enough to run just about any application without breaking a sweat. Incredible battery life is another big selling point for the U36JC, and its durable magnesium chassis protects sensitive internal components from abuse when you’re out and about. Continue reading “The Best 7 Windows 7 laptops of 2011”

Difference between Laptop, Notebook, Netbook and Tablet PCs

With the rapid growth of technology we have seen lot many gadgets being discovered. There are many types of computing devices that are available like laptops, notebooks, netbooks and the tablets, all having their own purpose of use.

If you are unsure of what the exact purpose of these devices is and when should we use which device, then this article will help you understanding the differences between each of them. Continue reading “Difference between Laptop, Notebook, Netbook and Tablet PCs”

Monitor and See Information about your Battery with BatteryInfoView

This article would interest all the laptop users who use their systems on the battery. It is very important to keep a track of the battery usage of our system and see the detailed information about the battery as this can only help us in determining how long shall our battery last.

BatteryInfoView is a app from Nirsoft, and is a small utility for laptops and netbook computers that displays the current status and information about your battery. Using this tool you can see information about your battery like battery name, manufacture name, serial number, manufacture date, power state (charging/discharging), current battery capacity, full charged capacity, voltage, charge/discharge rate, and more. Continue reading “Monitor and See Information about your Battery with BatteryInfoView”

Tips to Handle Laptop – Part 2

We love to work on our laptop more than our desktop, don’t we? Thus for this reason, we need to take extra care while handling the laptops and take good care of them. I have written earlier about some tips on handling the laptop, here are more to the series.

•    Protecting the LCD
Never pick up a laptop by holding the LCD, and never push, squeeze or otherwise apply force to the LCD or to its surrounding screen. What this will do is, it will help protecting the LCD from getting damaged/scratched and will also protect the liquid present in the display. Continue reading “Tips to Handle Laptop – Part 2”

Install New Fonts or Fonts Missing from Computer

To watermark photos I click, I used to use some font that was present in my earlier laptop but after I received a new system I found that the font I used to use is not present in this system. I wondered if it was the image application that I use was missing the font but later I figured out that the fonts are present are present in the Windows OS and not the applications used.

Thus if you are also going through some fonts that are now missing from your machine then you just need to download and install that. Similarly you can also download and install new stylish fonts in your system. Continue reading “Install New Fonts or Fonts Missing from Computer”

Protect Laptop in Public Places

Almost all the official persons use laptops for their official purposes as they need to travel to different locations. But in this case we should take extra care to protect our laptops while on the move.

In this week’s Tip of the Week, we will discuss steps to protect our laptops when we are travelling and are in the public places as laptop is an important asset not only to the individual but also the company.
Tips to handle laptop in Public places: Continue reading “Protect Laptop in Public Places”