Find Devices and their IP Address connected to your Network

If you are a network admin or someone who have their system connected to a network then this article would definitely interest you. It happens a lot when you want to scan your network for the devices attached and/or may want to find out their IP address either to ping it or just connect to the device.

Here is a tool called PortScan using which you can scan your network easily and also identify the network devices along with their IP addresses. In short, you can find all the active devices on your network, discover their IP address and also the available services on each device. Continue reading “Find Devices and their IP Address connected to your Network”

Print Documents to any Printer in World

We need to take prints of some important documents in our daily lives but setting a printer in the local network is not an easy job for everyone. What if you need to send the print command from one location and take the print out in some remote location?

PrinterShare can do all that for you. PrinterShare from Printer Anywhere makes it easy to send a print job to another computer the only thing being it should be running the PrinterShare as well. With PrinterShare you can print documents and photos on other people’s printers as easily as on the one connected to your machine. Continue reading “Print Documents to any Printer in World”

Network Messenger for LAN Chat

Whether you are in college, office or on some Local Area Network, you can chat with your buddy right from your desktop.

Network Messenger is a tool that can enable you to chat in a client installed on your PC with your friend sitting on some other computer but on the same LAN. There are many tools for this purpose but what I personally use are the following tools that are purely based on the Peer to Peer connection.

Tools: Continue reading “Network Messenger for LAN Chat”

Solution to No More Connection to a Remote Computer Problem

Got a problem faced by one of our readers that when after logging 10 computers, he tries to access some file or printer shared on the network, he gets this message saying that:

No more connections can be made to this remote computer at this time because there are already as many connections as the computer can accept”.

Causes of this problem:

There are several versions of Windows XP released by Microsoft and the most common of them are XP Professional and XP Home. But Microsoft has put certain restrictions on these Continue reading “Solution to No More Connection to a Remote Computer Problem”