Change Windows 7 Logon Screen easily

Getting bored with the same old usual windows 7 logon screen display? Each one of us wants our working platforms to be attractive, isn’t it? Windows 7, the latest version of windows, allows you to change your logon screen appearance without any tool. You can just edit your registry to get it done.

Usually in the previous versions of windows (XP, Vista) you were required to install a tool to make changes whereas Customizing Windows 7 is much easier when compared to earlier versions by doing some Registry hacks and this article will tell you to how to change appearance of logon screen by using these hacks.  Continue reading “Change Windows 7 Logon Screen easily”

See how long your Computer has been Active

You think that your computer has been active for quite long in the last week or is it you want to monitor if someone has logged in your machine for long, then you don’t need to worry you can just monitor how long your system has remain active in the last 3 weeks.

It is also a good idea to see how much you have worked on your system to analyse if you are using your machine exhaustively or under utilizing it. Whatever be the situation you can see the active times of your machine in an easy presentable form with the help of a tool called PC On/Off Time. Continue reading “See how long your Computer has been Active”