Info on Ransomware and How to Stay Protected

We have been writing about most of the malware to let you guys stay protected, but for those who don’t know, here is a malware that has been rising up significantly called as Ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malware that stops you from using your computer until you pay a certain amount of money (the ransom) to the creator of the malware. It is also called “FBI Moneypak” or the “FBI virus” as it often uses the FBI or local police logos and asks you to pay using Green Dot MoneyPak.

Malware in any form is bad and this one is even worse since it involves direct form of money. There are two types of ransomware: Continue reading “Info on Ransomware and How to Stay Protected”

Install Mbam on Malware Infected Systems where it is Blocked

Nobody likes when their system gets infected with some virus or a malware because of the problems it pose later on. On common thing that these infections do is that they prevent the further installation of any tool into the computer and if the tool is something like an Antivirus or an Anti-malware, then forget it.

I would always advise everyone to have a good Antivirus along with the Malwarebytes Anti Malware (Mbam) in their computers, so that if something happens you already have the right tools to fight them. Well, don’t worry if you didn’t have any anti malware installed in your machine, and are already attacked by some malware which is preventing the installation of Mbam in your system. Continue reading “Install Mbam on Malware Infected Systems where it is Blocked”

Opera to Block Installation of Extensions from Third Party Websites

I hope you all know that Chrome has made it very tough to install extensions from third party websites. May be you don’t know this, but Chrome had (without any information) blocked all the extensions that were hosted on third party websites.

Similarly Opera is also taking the steps to block the installation of third party extensions. However Opera will notify its users before implementing these changes. Actually both the browsers have taken this step because of the security reasons because while adding extensions from other websites as it might transfer some malware to your system. Continue reading “Opera to Block Installation of Extensions from Third Party Websites”

Ads on Wikipedia due to Malware in your Computer

These days mostly all the websites are ads supported. You can find promotional advertisement, on almost all website. It is hardly possible to know whether these ads are adding something fishy in your systems or not. For instance, if you find an ad on Wikipedia, then you should get extra cautious because Wikipedia is well known site for its ad-less approach to things.

Even the officials of Wikipedia are currently alerting the users about these ads. Recently Philippe Beaudette on behalf of Wikipedia stated in a review that if visitors see advertisements on the site, those ads have not been placed by Wikipedia and this is solely because the user’s systems have been infected with the malware. Thus in short, if you are viewing ads on Wikipedia, your system is malware infected. Continue reading “Ads on Wikipedia due to Malware in your Computer”

What is a Rogueware and how to remove it?

You must have heard of many computer infections like malware, adware etc but ever heard what’s a Rogueware is? Yes, computer world have got this new type of malicious infection lately.

What is a Rogueware?
Rogueware, also known as Rogue security software is a new type of internet fraud that fools the users to buy some tool that helps in malicious code removal but in fact spreads more of it. The infection works in the similar way of fooling people and stealing them of their money. Continue reading “What is a Rogueware and how to remove it?”

Restore Malware Infected Computer with Microsoft System Sweeper

If your system has been hit by any of the malware around and you are unable to remove it from your machine or even are unable to start your system then here is an interesting and useful tool to your rescue. The tool is actually a recovery tool which can be installed on a USB or burn into a CD for booting.

The tool is recently launched by Microsoft and thus is in a Beta stage. The tool is called System Sweeper and has been designed such that users are able to use this tool to start an infected PC and perform offline malware scans including the rootkits. The tool works great for occasions when the malware prohibits users to install any software in the system. This is what a recovery tool you will need in this case. Continue reading “Restore Malware Infected Computer with Microsoft System Sweeper”

What is the gegl-0.0 Folder in Documents Folder?

I have been seeing this new folder called gegl-0.0 in the Documents section of my computer and have no idea of what it is and what it does. The name of the folder is such that even it is difficult to guess about its details. Moreover I didn’t even create this folder, then how did it come in my system?

Now this was a concern for me as it could be a malware about which I have no idea. So if you are also having this folder in your system and have no clue what so ever then this article will help you in understanding it. Continue reading “What is the gegl-0.0 Folder in Documents Folder?”

Facebook Spammers spreading Japan Tsunami Malwares

Facebook is the world’s popular way of communicating with each other, and this is the reason why we see lot of spammers spreading the malwares online and infecting the users.

After the nature’s attack on Japan recently, we are seeing lot of fake footage and video files in Facebook which asks users to click on the files and redirects to some other site having no video file. But in the process of doing this much, the user has unknowingly agreed to allow the app to use his info. Continue reading “Facebook Spammers spreading Japan Tsunami Malwares”

Do Not Use Anonymous Proxy sites

Though Proxy sites provide us with some way to browse the blocked web pages but not all proxy sites are safe and good to use. In this edition of Tip of the Week section, I share the adverse effects of using the Anonymous Proxy sites.

A Proxy Site is a web page that allows you to view and surf your web addresses even if they are blocked by the network administrator. There may be 2 kinds of Proxies available:

1. Proxy websites where you enter your blocked web page to be able to view through it.
2. Proxy addresses which need to be added in the browser proxy settings that can open more number of pages for you. Continue reading “Do Not Use Anonymous Proxy sites”

Delete Registry Keys Locked by Malware

If you have been using Windows for some time now then you must have known that malware attack places several registry keys in the system which affects the normal working of the system. Most of these keys are locked by the malware and is very difficult to remove from the system registry.

To overcome this type of problem, makers of the famous tool Malwarebytes Anti Malware, have come with a tool called RegASSASSIN. The tool is specially designed to remove and delete the illegitimate keys installed by the malware in the registry settings. Continue reading “Delete Registry Keys Locked by Malware”

Process Information: What is Vidalia.exe?

One of our readers wanted to know about the process called vidalia.exe that runs in the background. If you also want more info on this, then here are the details.

What is Vidalia.exe?

Vidalia.exe is a genuine process related to the if it is located at the Program Files directory of your system but if it is located at some other place as well then it can be a malware too.

Why is it running?

The process is related to the Vidalia Support and is running in the system if you have used this service once. The process can be found Continue reading “Process Information: What is Vidalia.exe?”

What is JPEG Exploit and how it works

Microsoft’s unpatched system that is the systems that are not having the security patches installed were exposed to these risks called JPEG Exploits.

JPEG Exploit is a way of attacking the system with a malware in which a malware is converted into a JPEG file which when run using the Microsoft’s default Picture and Fax viewer activates the malware. The malware in turn downloads the suspicious files in the background thereby attacking the system. Continue reading “What is JPEG Exploit and how it works”