Things to Know before MS end Support for Windows XP in 2014

Windows XP has been one of the most famous and commonly used operating systems by the users today. Even you can see many people still using it not by any force but by choice as they find it lot easier to use than other OS like Win 7. I have come across many people who feel Windows 8 is bit hard to use but in my view it’s all about getting used to something. For me, I just love working on Windows 8.

But since all things eventually come to an end, Win XP is one of them. After extending the support for XP for quite many times, Microsoft had finally decided to end its support for the final time on April 8th 2014. Continue reading “Things to Know before MS end Support for Windows XP in 2014”

Windows 8 overtakes Win 7 sale, No Anonymous Android app reviews, Youtube captions in 6 more languages

With some organization overtaking another, launching some service or etc, there is lot of tech news around the globe that you should be aware of. For all those who are not updated with the daily tech happenings, here is a bundle pack of couple of important tech news that will keep you updated.

1. Microsoft Sold 40 million Windows 8 licenses to date

After the launch of the latest OS from Microsoft known as Windows 8 on Oct 26, we have seen mixed reviews of the product. While most people still like the Windows 7 OS, figures (as stated by MS) states that MS had sold around 40 million licenses of Win 8 to date that too in a month, whereas MS achieved the figure of 60 million Win 7 licenses in two months. Continue reading “Windows 8 overtakes Win 7 sale, No Anonymous Android app reviews, Youtube captions in 6 more languages”

Microsoft Announced Surface Tablet based on Windows 8 OS

Recently a new surface tablet has been announced by Microsoft that will be running on Windows 8 OS. This new surface tablet will be available in two models. One will be a regular Intel-powered tablet running Windows 8 Pro, and the other is an ARM-based tablet running Windows RT. All the specifications have not been revealed by the company but we can take a look on those specs that are unveiled by the other sources.

The Windows RT will be available with a 10.6 inches clear type HD display screen with a storage capacity of either 32 GB or 64 GB. The surface will be 676 g light and 9.3 mm thin, and offers micro SD, USB 2.0, Micro HD Video ports and a 2×2 MIMI antennae with a 31-5 W-h battery. Continue reading “Microsoft Announced Surface Tablet based on Windows 8 OS”

Microsoft releases On{X} Application for Android OS

Microsoft which is the world’s leader in Windows OS is stepping into Android market too. This is the first time that Microsoft is entering in the android world. Microsoft is a renowned name in the tech world. Until now Microsoft was developing applications only for computers and notebooks but now an application for android platform has been developed by Microsoft that is named as On{x} pronounced as on-ex.

The developer states that the application will change your lifestyle unexpectedly via remote programming. We all use our mobile phones to surf internet, to contact our friends, access internet calendars and much more. Now with this application you will be able to automate yourself. It will set reminders and will alert you about your tasks. Continue reading “Microsoft releases On{X} Application for Android OS”

Microsoft releases Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0

MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials), no doubt is one of the best Antivirus and Anti-Spyware software for Windows. However, 5 months ago only the Beta version of MSE 4.0 was available but now the final release version of MSE 4.0 is available. You can Download and install “Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) 4.0” directly from Microsoft’s server.

This software provides your system real-time protection and guards your system against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. It runs silently and works efficiently in the background. It doesn’t even disturb you while you are working. It keeps itself updated and gives you full protection. Continue reading “Microsoft releases Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0”

Solve USB related issues with USB Fix it

There was problem while installing your new device. Your new hardware might not work properly”. You can’t deny that you have never seen this statement. What we usually do is unplug USB device and reconnect it again. But what if your system still shows the same statement? Or sometimes it doesn’t allow you to remove it using the Safely Remove Hardware dialog box. If you have plugged it out without performing the Safely Remove Hardware check while the data transfer is still ON, it can result in data corruption.

To solve these types of problems Microsoft has recently released a tool called USB Fix It that automatically diagnoses and repairs all common USB device related problems. USB Fix It checks the issues when the USB is not recognized, when it cannot be ejected using Safely Remove Hardware dialog box. Continue reading “Solve USB related issues with USB Fix it”

Fix your Computer Problems with Microsoft Portable Fix It

Solving computer issues in today’s time is not easy. There are so many kinds of these problems that finding the right solution is also not easy. We need good applications to deal with PC related issues. Though there are many applications already available in the market, but the point is whether you can trust upon them or not.

Sometimes it happens that if we try to use applications to solve PC related issues, instead of solving them we bring more problems to our computer. So for this we should find a trustworthy application and Fix It from Microsoft is one such application. Continue reading “Fix your Computer Problems with Microsoft Portable Fix It”

How to Increase Data Transfer Rate in Windows 7

Data transfer rate is the speed at which Digital Data is transmitted from one device to another. We often come across ‘Mbps’, ‘Kbps’ etc. These terms refer to the data transfer rate. Now if you want to increase this speed and you are using windows 7, this article is really worth reading.

If you have a high data interface, there are several kinds of delays typically incurred in processing of network data, this is a common problem faced by users of windows 7. Even it was confirmed by Microsoft, as a result of which they have decided to release a fix. Continue reading “How to Increase Data Transfer Rate in Windows 7”

IE6 declared Dead by Microsoft in US

IE6 that changed the trend with its launch in 2001, is officially now declared dead by MS. Microsoft, recently, wanted the users to switch to the new versions of the browser but the count of the people using the newer versions was not that enough.

Now after some 10 years, Microsoft had declared the IE6 browser dead after collecting some statistical data about it. It has been found that less than 1 % of the population in US, used IE6 for their internet browsing purposes which was way too less for the MS to officially announce as the death of the IE6 browser. Continue reading “IE6 declared Dead by Microsoft in US”

Microsoft’s new social networking site Socl

We can see a rise in the social networking site after the success and liking of Facebook. There have been many websites in the past too but not all have been able to cope up and interest the users.

Recently Microsoft had also asked The Verge to have an experience of its new social networking site called Socl which is planned to be launched soon. It has also provided a small review of the new site which we are also discussing below. Continue reading “Microsoft’s new social networking site Socl”

The Best 7 Windows 7 laptops of 2011

After dropping the ball with Windows Vista, Microsoft has recovered nicely with the highly-polished Windows 7 operating system. Now that more notebooks are sold worldwide than desktop PCs, it helps to know which laptops in particular work best with Windows 7. Mobile broadband comparison tests show that not all laptops are created equally. The following models offer an excellent Windows 7 experience on the go at extremely competitive prices.

Asus U36JC

Who says good things can’t come in small packages? The Asus U36JC manages to pack quite a punch for a 13.3” ultra-portable. With a Core i5 480M and 4 GB of RAM, its powerful enough to run just about any application without breaking a sweat. Incredible battery life is another big selling point for the U36JC, and its durable magnesium chassis protects sensitive internal components from abuse when you’re out and about. Continue reading “The Best 7 Windows 7 laptops of 2011”

Create or Modify Keyboard Layout

Microsoft had launched this keyboard layout long time back and since then we are using the same for our typing purposes but this keyboard design suits not all people. So in case you are one of the persons who found this layout bit difficult to remember then with the help of this tool mentioned below, you can change or create the keyboard layout for your use.

Moreover if you don’t work in English and wanted some layout for your keyboard in another language, then this tool will help you too. The tool is called Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator and is released by none other than Microsoft itself. Continue reading “Create or Modify Keyboard Layout”