Top Mobiles for Gaming in 2014

Now that we are well into the New Year many people are looking at the many different pieces of technology that will come out this year, however known quite as important to most people as their mobile phone and since many people like to upgrade their phone every now and again, looking at what will come out this year is quite exciting.

The main reason why somebody would want to keep up to date with their mobile phone is often because they want to play games. Since you need a little extra power in order to play online casino games, this does make sense. So here are a few of the upcoming phones for this year. Continue reading “Top Mobiles for Gaming in 2014”

Mobile Apps to Generate Temporary Random Mobile Numbers on the Go

Everyone has a mobile today and it is very important to keep our numbers and address private so that we can keep away from those bugging us. Whether it’s for a Craigslist ad, for a dating site or for a job search portal, you sometimes need a second number so that you can hide your original number and maintain your privacy.

Now it is not possible to get a new number everytime, there are certain services that can generate mobile numbers for you, we are discussing two of those today. The biggest advantage of using these services is that you can get them in your phone and generate a number anytime and anywhere. Continue reading “Mobile Apps to Generate Temporary Random Mobile Numbers on the Go”

Steps to Transfer Files Using Bluesoleil and Bluetooth

Bluesoleil is the most popular Bluetooth device driver used by many of us today to sync our computer with our mobile phones using the Bluetooth technology. It can create a small network between our cell phone and our PC that enables us to transfer any file between our PC and the mobile phone.

But there are many of us who are facing difficulties in using this program, as was with one of our readers. So here goes the list of steps that will make the things easier to use this application.


From computer to phone:
1.    It is assumed that you have installed some version of Bluesoleil in your computer (if not then get that from here). Start the Bluesoleil application. Continue reading “Steps to Transfer Files Using Bluesoleil and Bluetooth”