Find and Add Album Art or Cover Images to MP3 Songs Automatically

Music is one the greatest stress busters as it helps in relaxing our mind. Music is with us for quite some time now. I remember the time when I used to carry out music cassettes with me to listen to the songs on the go, which later turned into the CDs. Today we have the age of iPods and MP3 players which can carry the music without any additional accessory.

From the age of cassettes to iPods, what had not changed is the music album arts (or also known as Cover Images). Album Art is a picture related to every mp3 song from its own album used to give a short preview of the album. The Cover Images also makes the music library look interesting and lively. Imagine a music library having all the songs without any image, wouldn’t it look so blunt? Continue reading “Find and Add Album Art or Cover Images to MP3 Songs Automatically”

Get Detailed Info Tags of Music and txt Files

If you are some person who like to listen to music a lot and still keep your music library organized then this article will help you. I like listening to music much and also keeping the song details like the artist, album name and other info tags but for that I need to manually select a music file, select properties and visit the appropriate tab.

Same is the case when you want to view the detailed info of some music file (although we see this by default in Windows but that info is limited). The information provided in the infotip box is not detailed enough. An infotip is a small preview that we see when we hover the mouse cursor over the file. Continue reading “Get Detailed Info Tags of Music and txt Files”

Control Sound Volume with a Wheel Mouse

For all those who like to listen to the music or watch movies on their PCs a lot, this article would help much. To change the sound of the system you either need to open the sound options or use your multimedia keyboard buttons but this sometimes is a cumbersome.

There is a great way to control and change the sound volume of your system with your wheeled mouse. This is possible with the use of a tool called Volumouse. Volumouse provides you a quick and easy way to control the sound volume on your system – simply by rolling the wheel of your wheel mouse. Continue reading “Control Sound Volume with a Wheel Mouse”

Transfer Music and Videos from Apple Devices to Computer

If you use any of the Apple devices like iPod, iPhone or the iPad then you must have known that it is not possible to sync back the contents like music and videos from the device to the computer. This becomes a problem if your hard drive crashes and you don’t have a backup.

With a program called GizmoRip, now it is also possible to restore the contents from the Apple devices to the computer. The tool is specifically designed to serve this purpose, detects all the contents in the devices by itself and display them in the program interface. Continue reading “Transfer Music and Videos from Apple Devices to Computer”

See Lyrics with Youtube Music Videos

Ever wanted to see the lyrics of music videos that you are watching on the Youtube? If yes then this functionality is provided by using certain scripts.

How this works?

You need 2 things to enable the lyrics dialog; one is a firefox extension and other a Userscript that does the job for you. The only precondition being the music video should contain the name of the song in the title as the title of the video will be searched in the music database in the web. Continue reading “See Lyrics with Youtube Music Videos”

Setup iTunes Music Library when Formatting Computer

If you are thinking to format your computer but are worried about the songs stored in the iTunes library, then do look at this post first.

The process below will guide you when you wish to format your computer but if you want to move your library to a new computer then read this post.


1.    Since we are formatting only the root drive usually C: restoring the library is quite easy.

2.    Assuming that your songs are stored in other drive than C: and are unmoved during the process, the library can be restored easily. Continue reading “Setup iTunes Music Library when Formatting Computer”

Steps to Backup Windows Media Player Library

There is a good number of Music Players in the market like Windows Media Player, iTunes and Media Player Classic but I like using WMP more than others.

Thus over the years I have built up a huge database of library consisting not only of songs and movies but also of the pictures. So if you also use WMP and are thinking to format the computer or just take this library to a new computer purchased by you, then here are the steps to backup the library completely. Continue reading “Steps to Backup Windows Media Player Library”

Transfer iTunes Music Library to a New Computer

I use iTunes to manage my iPhone’s music but recently I was required to move my iTunes Library consisting of Music, playlists and other things to a new computer, so that I will not have to create another iTunes library there.

Following are the steps to backup and transfer your iTunes library:

1.    Run iTunes, go to Edit-> Preferences and click on Advanced tab. Now check the button reading “Keep iTunes Music folder organized”. Click OK.

2.    After that again go the Advanced tab to have a backup of all the music stored in the library. Continue reading “Transfer iTunes Music Library to a New Computer”

Steps to Download, Save or Record Live Streaming Audio

We like listening to music and also enjoy downloading it from internet, don’t we? Websites that provide us with the direct links to download the music or the song is liked by us while there are several other sites that do not allow us to download but to enjoy it online.

I came across a useful tool that will enable us to save or record the streaming sound or Internet Radio that we are listening. The idea behind the tool is that it lets us save whatever we hear from our computer speakers. Yes of course we will have to listen to it completely.

There are several tools available that allow us to save the music being played from internet through Sound Card of the PC but what I found most helpful Continue reading “Steps to Download, Save or Record Live Streaming Audio”