Windows XP to get out of Support soon

Windows XP have been the most famous Operating System of Microsoft so far and none of the other OS like Vista or Win 7 have been able to gain more users than this. Although Windows 7 is gaining rapid popularity but still there are more people who like Windows XP more than this.

So this comes as a bad news for all those who were still using this old OS till now. As listed on their website, Microsoft has decided to cut the support for Windows XP in the fourth month of 2014 that is on April 8, 2014. By terminating the support for the OS, they mean that after the mentioned date there will not be any service packs, security patches or updates released for this product. Continue reading “Windows XP to get out of Support soon”

Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack for Windows 7

If you are impressed by the features and the look of the Windows 7 OS then you must have been waiting for the next upgrade Windows 8 to be launched soon. We are unsure when it will be launched but here is the transformation pack that shall give you the look and feel of the Windows 8 OS in advance.

The transformation pack is only for the system having the Windows 7 installed in it and following are the requirements failing which you won’t be able to install the pack. Continue reading “Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack for Windows 7”

How to find if your Windows is 32-bit or 64-bit

If you have recently bought a new system then you might know what your OS bit is but if it is an old system or you just wanted to find out what is the bit version of the OS you using in your system then here are the steps for it.

Although determining OS bit version is very simple but not everyone knows it. So in case you also don’t know how to find it just read below.

For Windows 7/Vista users:

If you are currently using Windows 7 or Vista as the OS then:

1.    Click Start button Continue reading “How to find if your Windows is 32-bit or 64-bit”

Install Default Windows XP Theme on Windows 7

Windows 7 is no doubt better than its earlier previous versions of the OS with the improved features of the GUI but there are people who like Windows XP so much that they do not wish to upgrade to the Win 7 OS only because of this.

If you also like the XP more than Windows 7 but also wanted to try and test the features of the Win 7 then you can install the Windows XP theme on the Continue reading “Install Default Windows XP Theme on Windows 7”

Windows 8 Release Date Leaked

Windows 7 is a really great OS from Microsoft and those who have liked it a lot are waiting for the next version of the Windows. Do you know what the next version of Windows is called? It is Windows 8 and we should see some great features in that too.

It was believed that after the launch of Windows 7, Windows 8 should be available in three years time but a new post on the Microsoft Netherlands has accidentally leaked its release date. The article, which for the most part dealt with the first birthday of Windows 7, looked at the Continue reading “Windows 8 Release Date Leaked”

Reboot Computer into another OS Automatically

Most users like to have more than one Operating System installed in the system, and if you also belong to the same category then this article is for you. What if you are working in one OS and want to restart the system to boot into another? You will need to wait for the system to shut down so that you can select the other option from the boot menu.

But with this tool called Restart you don’t have to wait. Just select the OS to boot into and rest task it will take care of itself. It will not only shutdown the system but also boot the system by itself into the OS selected by you. Continue reading “Reboot Computer into another OS Automatically”

Tweak Windows with Tweak Me

I have certainly used the TweakXP utility that provides lot of tweaking options for the XP operating system but since it was limited to the XP OS only, I have stopped using it with the advent of Windows 7.

Another such but more interesting utility is the Tweak Me which also provides lots of tweaking options in your OS whether it is a small tweak or some big tweak, you can easily use this tool. The biggest advantage of using this tool is that it automatically detects the OS you are using and provides only those tweaking options that your operating system can support. Continue reading “Tweak Windows with Tweak Me”

Transform Windows Taskbar into OS X Launchbar

Windows has a default and boring sort of Taskbar with no new features and looks while on the other hand if we see that of the OS X, the launchbar is very exciting and have a fresh look.

Now this is not a problem anymore as you can easily transform your Windows default Taskbar into the OS X launchbar with the use of a tool called Aqua Dock. Aqua Dock Is a free program that allows you to have an “OS X” style, nice animated launchbar / taskbar on your screen that reacts to your mouse when you move mouse over it. Continue reading “Transform Windows Taskbar into OS X Launchbar”

Download Free Windows 8 Transformation Pack for Windows Vista

No doubt Windows 7 is the best Windows OS launched till date all because of its features like reliability, speed etc. But if you are using Windows Vista and thinking to turn over to Windows 7, then here is something good for you.

Microsoft has officially stated to start working upon the new OS Windows 8. Despite the fact that its design is not yet revealed, some geeks have developed a package with more futurists look to the Windows 7 which they call the Windows 8 Professional Edition. Continue reading “Download Free Windows 8 Transformation Pack for Windows Vista”

Reboot into another OS without Computer Shutdown

Many of us have more than one Operating System installed in our systems but if we wish to login into another OS after booting into the first we will have to first reboot the computer and then wait for the BIOS to list the boot options.

This usually consumes lot of time and hence is irritating, so here is a tool called iReboot that does all that work for you. iReboot resides in the taskbar while consuming only 400 KB of the memory and listing you the operating systems to reboot into. Continue reading “Reboot into another OS without Computer Shutdown”

Run Multiple OS Same Time with VMware Player

It happens many times that we wish to run multiple Operating Systems but the effort required to uninstall one and install another is huge, so it is a better option to run another OS virtually without the need to install it.

VMware Player is the easiest way to run multiple operating systems at the same time on your PC. You don’t even need to restart your PC to switch between them. With this tool you can try out any OS whether compatible or not simultaneously. Continue reading “Run Multiple OS Same Time with VMware Player”

Microsoft Launches Windows 7 Officially

On 22nd October, Microsoft had officially launched the latest generation of its Windows version that is Windows 7.

Well by now almost all of us would be having some or the other image of the OS in mind but the full version of the OS is finally here with us. In case if you wish to know the reasons of buying the new OS for yourself, here are the facts listed by MS. Continue reading “Microsoft Launches Windows 7 Officially”