Resize Multiple Photos at once with BatchBlitz

We need to resize a photo on several occasions whether we want to reduce the size of the pic or just resize it to some other dimension. Resizing is handy and can be done easily through several free tools even with the default Windows Paint.

What if we have lots of images to be resized into some other dimension simultaneously? BatchBlitz is a free photo resizer for the Windows operating system that can be used Continue reading “Resize Multiple Photos at once with BatchBlitz”

2 Free Image Batch Converters

There are times when you have images in some other formats and sizes that you wish to convert into some other format and size. Most people tend to convert the images using Paint and that too one by one thus wasting their time and effort.

This is acceptable if you have few images but what if your images are hundreds in number? Don’t worry the solution is to use a tool that supports Batch Conversion of images and that too in seconds.

List of free and good tools that I personally like: Continue reading “2 Free Image Batch Converters”

Solve the Problem with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer

Windows Picture and Fax Viewer is one of the great features of Windows XP as it lets us quickly preview, rotate, print, delete, or edit pictures in the computer. It also lets us view the album as a slideshow one after the other.

Windows Picture and Fax Viewer is linked with Microsoft’s default image editor Paint. I started facing this strange problem that whenever I click on “closes this program and opens the image for editing” button in the bottom right of the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, the image closes but does not open up with paint. Continue reading “Solve the Problem with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer”

Edit Your Images with Paint.NET

Have some images and want to edit it with the best image editor? No problem, try out Paint.NET. Paint.NET is possibly one of the best image and photo editors available in the world and that too for free.

There are many other image editors that are also quite famous like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft’s default Paint but the reason why Paint.NET wins over them is that this is an open source tool and available for free. Other advantage of this is that it occupies space of around 1.65MB after installation. Would Continue reading “Edit Your Images with Paint.NET”

Solution to Save Images disabled by Right Click

These days, webmasters have started using some JavaScript to protect the images from saving down to computer by just right clicking on it and selecting the option of “Save Image as”. Yes I do feel this is necessary for some added privacy and security but it is also irritating if we want to save some legal picture or if we are authorized to do it.

This feature is used by many online forums and social networking site like Orkut is the latest example of this. There are many methods available to solve this problem and save the image like: Continue reading “Solution to Save Images disabled by Right Click”

Reduce and compress Image size

If you like clicking more and more photos but worry about its size then this post will let you know how you can reduce the size of an image easily.

Photos clicked from a high resolution camera produce an image with great resolution but its size is also much. We may want it to send to a friend online or upload it on some site, then it is required to reduce its size.

To reduce size we can either Resize the image or reduce the pixel ratio.

Resizing to reducing size:

•    Open the image in any image editing application like Microsoft Paint and crop the Continue reading “Reduce and compress Image size”