WhatsApp Lock: Lock and Protect WhatsApp with a PIN [Android]

WhatsApp is one of the famous and easiest communication media used today for communication across the globe. It is the ease of sending the texts, images, and videos through the same app and that too without any charge to anyone having WhatsApp on the other hand. People use it for their daily day to day communication too, and thus it becomes important to keep it private and locked to protect it from suspicious eyes.

While every phone has a feature of locking the login screen but sometimes, it becomes important to hand over our phone to someone we know like our mother, or friends. It may also happen that we forget our phone somewhere which can be accessed by someone at our back. What if you need to show some pictures to a friend and he (without asking you) peeks at your WhatsApp messages? Continue reading “WhatsApp Lock: Lock and Protect WhatsApp with a PIN [Android]”

Hide any Window Instantly using a Hotkey with UltraHide

It often happens with all of us that while using our desktops we need to hide some windows opened from the other users or some confidential data from others. Say you are chatting with your friends instead of working on a project assigned to you, then you need to quickly hide the chat window (to hide from your parents and others), isn’t it?

Though there are many windows hiding tool that you can make use of but UltraHide surely needs to be discussed here. This is a very useful application that allows you to hide any window with a hotkey and also lets you password protect that hidden window so that anyone who wish to spy on you, needs to enter the set password to unlock it. Continue reading “Hide any Window Instantly using a Hotkey with UltraHide”

Protect your Private Data on Android Phone via Password

While using an android phone, the biggest drawback that I have encountered is that there is no privacy for personal content (at least by default). You do not have any option to lock a particular folder or an application. The only option is to lock your phone as a whole.

Thus if your phone is left unlocked then anyone can access your any applications such as messages, contact, etc.Thus if you also want to protect some of your phone content from friends or family members, now you can do so by encrypting and applying a password to your content. You might be thinking that there is no such option present in our android phones but then too you can be do so by using a third party application. Continue reading “Protect your Private Data on Android Phone via Password”

Specifically Disable USB Devices with Makesoft USB Manager

There are situations when we have some important and secure data on our computer which we need to protect from others from accessing it. While they can access the data through our USB ports easily, we can’t disable the USB ports as this will disable every other device that connects via USB.

There are few USB devices like storage devices such as pen drives, or USB printer, USB audio devices and USB scanners but we can’t disable the USB ports as disabling it will prevent these devices to connect. Thus with the help of this free tool called Makesoft USB Manager, we can specifically disable any of these device types and protect our data. Continue reading “Specifically Disable USB Devices with Makesoft USB Manager”

Restart any Process automatically on Exit

It, sometimes, happen that we want a process to keep on running in our system always/for some time like some update process or torrent client for downloading stuffs. We would not want the processes related to these tools to terminate right? But it can happen sometimes, that a process can get terminated on its own.

There is a solution to track this, it would be better if some tool can track for the processes and let us know if it goes or just start it on its own. Here is a one called ReStartMe and as the name suggests, this tool will restart the process automatically in case any process exits. Continue reading “Restart any Process automatically on Exit”

Remove PDF File Restrictions with PDF Unlocker

Today I was using a PDF encrypted file having some restrictions like those of reproducibility, printing etc. I was required to remove the restrictions from the file and pass it on to some friend but I tried playing with the options but was unable to remove the restrictions.

It was at this time when I got to know about this tool called PDF Unlocker that can serve the purpose to many people. SysTools PDF Unlocker software is an easy-to-use and thus one of the best PDF restriction remover tools that you can easily use to unlock PDF files. Continue reading “Remove PDF File Restrictions with PDF Unlocker”

Disable or Password Protect Applications in Windows using AppAdmin

There are times when we want to disable the access to an application so that not everyone can use it. This is a common scene if you are a cyber café owner. In Windows, this was possible using the Group Policy Editor or gpedit.msc but here is an easier solution to this.

There is a simple tool called AppAdmin using which you can not only block or disable any application installed in Windows but also password protect the application so that if the application is to be used then only authorized users can use it. Continue reading “Disable or Password Protect Applications in Windows using AppAdmin”

Password Protect USB Drive with 3 Free Software

Recently I mentioned about how to password protect your USB ports so that any drive whether a pen drive, an external hard disk, cell phone or a camera can not use the USB port. Today here is a list of some freeware software that can password protect your USB Drive.

The following tools can easily encrypt the data on the USB so that when you open the drive it will ask for a password. Continue reading “Password Protect USB Drive with 3 Free Software”

Password Protect USB Ports with Free MyUSBOnly

Sometimes we want to password protect or lock our computer’s USB Ports to restrict certain users to use the USB port for their purposes. This is very helpful to the people who have secret information in their system and want to hide it from the others.

So if you also want to disable and password protect your USB drive for certain or all USB drives then here is the free software for you called MyUSBOnly. Continue reading “Password Protect USB Ports with Free MyUSBOnly”

Password Protect Files and Folders with Free Folder Lock

Worried about the important and confidential files? Whatever is the partition type whether NTFS or FAT32 of Windows, you can easily protect your sensitive files and folders with a password.

There may be many tools available on the net to secure the files but most of them are trial versions. Here is the free software called Folder Lock which, though being an unregistered version, can easily safeguard your sensitive or private files Continue reading “Password Protect Files and Folders with Free Folder Lock”