Download Password Depot (Password Manager for Windows) for Free

When you have lot many websites and online profiles to login, you need a password for every page and supposedly a new one for every website. Be it, your bank account, facebook, twitter, your email, ebay or paypal, you need a password for every website you need to login. Managing these passwords can be really difficult, as you need to not only create difficult to guess passwords but also need to remember them without even writing or telling them to someone.

Hence the need for a password manager is a must. A password manager is software that can manage the passwords you create for you, and can also help you create stronger passwords. One such password manager is called as Password Depot which will not only help you protect your passwords from unauthorized access but also help in managing all of your passwords using a powerful and intuitive interface. Continue reading “Download Password Depot (Password Manager for Windows) for Free”

Top 25 Worst Passwords of 2013

It is very important for all of us to keep really good and strong passwords so that guessing them or trying to crack them becomes very difficult. However, you won’t believe that most people use the easiest of the passwords for their online accounts which shall take only some seconds for a hacker to crack it. The main reason why people tend to choose simple passwords is because it allows them to easily memorize it. Also, it won’t surprise you to know that most of us use the same password on our most logins.

We have been advising people not to use the simple passwords and also methods on how to choose difficult yet easy to remember passwords. If you happened to miss out on our old post, then do read it here as it will not only tell you how easily crackable your passwords are but will also provide you with some tips on selecting one. Continue reading “Top 25 Worst Passwords of 2013”

Reveal Password behind Asterisk in Firefox

It is very important to hide passwords as asterisk so as to prevent unauthorized people from viewing it and as it adds a level of security to our logins. Had the passwords been not hidden, we could not have login into many websites in front of our friends or other people. While it is very important to hide the passwords, it sometimes becomes problematic when we forget it.

There are occasions when you accidentally press two keys while typing a password and have to go back again and start all over. Or it might be you are typing with Caps Lock On or the Num Lock off. Yes these are very irritating things and can happen to anyone. Hence it sometimes becomes important to know what we are typing rather than erase all and start typing again. If you are using Chrome, then this is possible with the extension about which we have already written here. Continue reading “Reveal Password behind Asterisk in Firefox”

Recover Forgotten but Saved Passwords in Web Browsers

For all the people who like to visit some website frequently, logging again and again can be an irritating process. I also like to leave some of my websites like Facebook and Gmail logged in my personal computer so that I don’t have to login again and again. Some people also like to use the remember password option in the web browsers so that they don’t have to type the password each time they login to some website.

However this can, sometimes, result in forgotten passwords. Yes there can be occasion when you forget this saved password, and in case you don’t have any backup of the password then what shall you do? You might try the security question to reset the password but here is a simple way to do so by using a third party application. Continue reading “Recover Forgotten but Saved Passwords in Web Browsers”

Find Saved Passwords of all Programs with PasswdFinder

These days with so many websites and programs requiring login IDs and passwords, it has become very difficult to remember every credential that we have created. My laptop also has a finger print recognition, using which I can login to any website without entering any password and just by swiping my finger on to it. This feature is so easy that most of use this for our daily login activities.

However there is an adverse effect of this feature, if you login daily using the remembered passwords you are most likely to forget the passwords yourself. Say if you are required to login to some website from another location then you won’t be remembering the password because it was already saved in your computer. Continue reading “Find Saved Passwords of all Programs with PasswdFinder”

Save all your Confidential Information at One Place

We have lot of data with us in our system which is very important to us, isn’t it? It is hardly possible to remember each and everything. But there are certain things which is important to us to remember like information related to Bank accounts, driving license, email ids and passwords, credit cards and other things.

Thus, we need a utility that can save all our necessary information at one place. We can’t even rely on our desktops and mobile phones, as there is a threat of getting the operating system crashed. We can’t rely on our diaries as they can also get lost. So a solution for that is an online password storage service that will act as a security vault for all your information. Continue reading “Save all your Confidential Information at One Place”

Lock/Unlock your Computer with USB Drive using Screen Lock

We all have been using passwords for protecting our computers, don’t we? Some being too complex for anyone to guess and some being simple for anyone to find out like that of our car’s number.

But remembering passwords has always been difficult for most of us and the task becomes more difficult when we are supposed to remember the login credentials for many of our online accounts. Writing the passwords somewhere to remember is not at all a safe option. Continue reading “Lock/Unlock your Computer with USB Drive using Screen Lock”

Prevent Password Expiration Message in Windows XP

If you have some user accounts in your system having password then you must know how irritating it feels when you are asked to change the password after some time. Although it is a good practice to have one, but in case you work in a secure environment with trustworthy people then you might want to prevent this pop up message.

Most of us are not using Windows XP these days but there are some who still like it, thus for those here is the tip below to stop this password expiration message. Continue reading “Prevent Password Expiration Message in Windows XP”

List of Top 25 most common Passwords

Passwords are the highly confidential string of characters and numeric that can provide access to anyone on any restricted place. Setting up the most difficult password is equally difficult in guessing. Thus it is advisable to have a password that is long enough and also is a combination of all three criteria:
•    Letters including both the cases
•    Numeric letters
•    Special characters like @ # etc.

If you feel that setting a password like some random name of a person or even replacing letter o with a 0 (zero) would help, then believe me there are tools with the hackers that can guess even this. Continue reading “List of Top 25 most common Passwords”

Send a Secret Self Destructing Message with QuickForget

There are situations when we need to pass some of our secret information to others. This happened to me once when I needed to send my password to the email account to my brother because of unavailability of the internet with me that day. So what would you have done?

Emailing confidential information is not secure as it reveals our information for indefinite period of time. The other alternative to this situation is having a chat with the other person on phone and letting him know the secret info but do you think it is safe enough too? Continue reading “Send a Secret Self Destructing Message with QuickForget”