Detect Fake USB Pen Drives

In today’s world there has been a high increase in usage of USB drives (pen drives, memory cards) which are very efficient and used to transfer data and storage. They have high storage capacities ranging starting 1 GB.

Now the issue is to check whether these low priced USBs are fake or worth purchasing. So to detect this, we have H2testw tool which can detect whether your USB is fake or not in few simple steps. This tool is free and can be utilized to test the faults in your USB. Since we use these drives for storage of data and may be because of these fake drives there are chances for losing data, so it would be better to examine your drive before storing or transferring any data. Continue reading “Detect Fake USB Pen Drives”

Free USB Ejector to Safely Remove any USB Drive

USB drives have started gradually replacing the disks and these are the preferred mode of data transfer these days because of their ease of use and rewriting capabilities. You must be aware of the fact that to eject a USB drive you need to safely remove it from the system else it may affect the data transfer in progress.

Safely removing the drive from the system is easy and can be done using the default Windows Safely Remove option but what if you are using around 3-4 USBs in your system like your camera, phone, memory card and pen drive, you are bound to get confused and may remove the wrong drive. Continue reading “Free USB Ejector to Safely Remove any USB Drive”

Manage and Find Detailed Info of Drives in the system

For all those who have many drives in the system, here is a tool that can help in managing the drives and finding their detailed information. If you have lots of drive letters of different types of drives, such as mapped network drives, thumb drive (USB memory sticks), smart media and compact flash, CD-ROM and DVD then this utility is perfect to help you manage them.

The tool called Drive Manager has been written to help you easily identify drives which are of the same type. With the help of this utility, you can view Continue reading “Manage and Find Detailed Info of Drives in the system”

Solution to Pen Drive Showing Less Space than Actual

Several readers of our blog TS, sent me this problem that their pen drive is showing them less space than the actual. This problem was faced by one of our readers recently that I decided to write a solution for it.

The problem was that despite being the 4GB capacity drive, it showed only 900 MB of free space and was not storing data more than this. Even on formatting the drive, it could store only 900 MB of data only. If you are also facing the similar issue then here are the two solutions that you should try to make your drive work fine again.

Note: Data in the drive will be lost. Continue reading “Solution to Pen Drive Showing Less Space than Actual”

[Solved] Files and Folders in Pen Drive converted to Shortcuts

One of our readers reported this problem that whenever after he inserted the pen drive in the computer he found that all the files and folders that were present inside have been converted to the shortcut icons.


Cause of this problem is definitely some virus that was present in the computer. So to resolve this problem below are the steps to be followed. Continue reading “[Solved] Files and Folders in Pen Drive converted to Shortcuts”

Safely Remove any USB Device with USB Safely Remove

Safely Remove Hardware is a good option to remove the external USB devices connected to the computer but there might be a case that this option not always works for you. If not this, you must have come across many hard drives that do not respond to Safely Remove option.

If this is the case with you too then this tool is surely for you. The tool is called USB Safely Remove and is a USB Device Manager that can manage all the USB devices connected to the system. With this tool you can of course, safely remove not only pen drives, but also hard drives and other devices too. Continue reading “Safely Remove any USB Device with USB Safely Remove”

[Solved] has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP

One of our readers was facing this problem that when connecting the pen drive Windows came up with this error message that “The software you are installing for this hardware: “name” has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP

This message can be easily disabled as this is the message that Windows sends as a confirmation from the user. Thus to be able to install the hardware or the software you just need to overcome this error message and the Windows would continue as usual. Continue reading “[Solved] has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP”

Free USB Drive Letter Manager for Windows

It had happened several times to me that my USB Pen Drive gets a different volume name every time I connect it to the computer. Though it do not create any problems while operating but it would have been better if the drive gets a unique and same name each time it gets connected.

The USB Drive Letter Manager is a free tool that runs as a service in the background and does all the work of handling the drive letters for the USB devices and there is no need to give the users the privilege to change drive letters. Continue reading “Free USB Drive Letter Manager for Windows”

Disable Autorun.inf Creation in USB Pen Drives

Autorun.inf is the popular file created by the viruses in the USB Flash drives which is used by them to spread across different storage media.

It is the first file that gets created in the pen drives as soon as the drive is inserted in the system having viruses. Thus it is for sure that if you prevent the creation of this file in the USB drives then the virus will not spread on its own. Continue reading “Disable Autorun.inf Creation in USB Pen Drives”

Steps to Safely Remove USB Drive when Icon is missing

I came across many computers in which after connecting the pen drive I found that there was no safely remove icon and thus I came across no option to safely remove my drive.

Although the USB drive does not require safely removal but it is always better to use this option. So if it is also the case with your system then here are the steps to remove the drive even if the safely remove icon is missing. Continue reading “Steps to Safely Remove USB Drive when Icon is missing”

Delete Virus from USB Pen Drive automatically with iKill

USB Drives are the primary cause of spread of viruses. There are so many viruses that use Pen Drive as a media to infect other computers.

It is also very difficult to safeguard our self from each of them as the chances of getting infected by a virus is always there; no matter you know how to deal with them. So to lower the chances further there is a tool called iKill.

iKill can prevent the spread of Viruses from Pen Drives and deletes the autorun.inf file as well as the viruses stored in the drive automatically. It scans the removable drives Continue reading “Delete Virus from USB Pen Drive automatically with iKill”

Eject USB Drive Automatically with EjectUSB

So what you have been till now to remove the USB Pen Drive from your computer? Either safely remove it or just unplug it from the system. But this does not work always and especially when you have some program from the drive running in your system.

Say, you have opened an image from the USB drive and before closing it you try to Safely Remove the drive from the system, it will surely give you an error saying that it is being currently used by some application. Continue reading “Eject USB Drive Automatically with EjectUSB”