Backup Registry Automatically when an Application make some changes

Registry is the main area of our computer that controls its proper working and some invalid changes in it can lead to unstable system. Thus it is very important to know which registry is being modified when you install any application.

We recommend you to backup your registry before making any changes to it, but there are occasions when some application access it and make some changes without your notice. This can be dangerous if the tool make the changes that can lead to unstable system. Continue reading “Backup Registry Automatically when an Application make some changes”

Block Website using Right Click Context Menu in IE

It happens sometimes that while browsing the internet we come across a website that we don’t want to visit. What we do is block it instantly, but with this registry file we can add an entry in the right click context menu so that we can block the website instantly before closing it.

Blocking some particular website is a good way to ensure that we don’t come to see that website again but this process is bit long so with this reg file called BlockThisSite (developed by winhelponline), we can add an entry in the right click context menu, so that we can block a website with just a click. Continue reading “Block Website using Right Click Context Menu in IE”

Enable or Disable Task Manager

If you work on shared PC and wanted to add some more restrictions, then there is one thing that you can do easily. You can enable or disable the Task Manager of your system. If you choose to disable the task manager, other users of the system won’t be able to access it.

Enabling or disabling the Task Manager is not a tough task and you can do this by making some changes in the registry. Here is how to: Continue reading “Enable or Disable Task Manager”

RegCool: Boolean Search Tool for Information in your Registry

Registry settings are like the spine of the computer as these are the settings that keep the computer managed. If any of the settings are changed then it may result in improper functioning of the system as well.

But there are times when we need to make some changes in the registry and it would be very difficult for you if you know nothing about the changes that you are going to make. With the help of the tool called RegCool, you can find all the info about your registry keys. Continue reading “RegCool: Boolean Search Tool for Information in your Registry”

Monitor Registry Changes with RegFromApp

Whenever an application is installed it makes certain changes in the registry and it is difficult to detect which registries were affected with that.

So to ensure the registry changed we have a tool called RegFromApp that can monitor the registry changes made by the application. RegFromApp monitors the Registry changes made by the application that you selected, and creates a standard RegEdit registration file (.reg) that contains all the Registry changes made by the application. You can use the Continue reading “Monitor Registry Changes with RegFromApp”

Registry Trick to set IE Home Page

For most of the people working in some company, the Internet Explorer is by default set to some company intranet homepage which gets opened whenever the browser is launched.

The system administrators have by default set up the home page in IE 6 or IE 7 to either the company’s site or the local intranet page. This can be easily changed through the Internet Options setting but if this setting is turned off then you could make use of the following reg file. Continue reading “Registry Trick to set IE Home Page”

Shortcut to Enable or Disable Screensaver

It happens many times that you wish to study or read something on your computer but while reading for some time you were interrupted by the screensaver. It feels very irritating at this time so if it is also the case with you then here are the steps to enable and disable it with just a single click.

You can, no doubt, change the time settings of the screensaver but if you don’t want to do that then here are the steps.


1.    You can make a registry file for this purpose by writing the following code in a notepad. Continue reading “Shortcut to Enable or Disable Screensaver”

Disable Auto Execution of Autorun.inf

If you have come across pen drive viruses then you must have seen this file called Autorun.inf. This is a file that stores the instructions to be carried when you double click your USB drive which in turn leads to the execution of the virus stored there.

However you can prevent the most of the computer virus to spread if you disable the autorun.inf file to execute automatically. Well if you are thinking if this can be done easily by turning off autoplay feature then the file can still be executed if the pen drive is opened. Continue reading “Disable Auto Execution of Autorun.inf”

Open .Reg File without Confirmation

There are times when we wish to make certain changes in the Registry of our Windows but to do that we can either edit the registry manually or use a .reg file that will do the work itself.

While editing registry manually is bit tiresome and require some precaution, using the .reg registry file is easy and does the work itself.

To use the .reg file we need to double click on it and then click OK to the confirmation prompt but here is a cool trick that can prevent the confirmation dialog and we can run the .reg file directly. Continue reading “Open .Reg File without Confirmation”

Add “Open with Notepad” Option in Right Click Context Menu

If you have a file that contains some text but is unassociated with any file type in Windows, then what will you do? Most probably, right click on the file and open with a text editor like Notepad.

But why waste time and effort by doing this when you can add the option of Open with Notepad directly inside the right click context menu. This means whenever you right click on any file (whether associated with a file or not), you will see this option. Continue reading “Add “Open with Notepad” Option in Right Click Context Menu”

Convert REG File to EXE with Reg2Exe Converter

Changing registry of the computer holds the key for its proper or improper functioning. However there are times when some virus creator creates viruses that disable the Registry Editing. Well if you have also come across this message “Registry Editor has been disabled by your Administrator” then apart from using RRT to solve the problem and start using Registry Editor, you can also convert reg to exe.

Double clicking a Reg file to import it into the registry requires Registry Editor to be working but if it has been disabled you can convert the file to exe which do not require it. Continue reading “Convert REG File to EXE with Reg2Exe Converter”