Manage and Backup System Drivers with Double Driver

Drivers are the most important software files that are required by the computer for its proper and sound functioning. But during the computer format all the drivers get removed and require re-installation.

What if you don’t have the driver CD and only have them installed in your computer? It would be great if you can backup all the drives stored in your system and burn them in a CD. It can be quite difficulty for example to find drivers for hardware installed in a notebook if the operating system has Continue reading “Manage and Backup System Drivers with Double Driver”

Backup or Restore iPhone SMS, Contacts, Notes, Calendar and Mail Manually

It is always a better idea to manually restore the data in the iPhone during major firmware upgrade (like moving from 2.2 to 3.0) and not restoring it from the backup made in the iTunes. So if you cannot restore the backup from iTunes then will you lose all your data? No as you can manually restore all your data in the iPhone.

Using the same method I was able to restore all my old and saved SMS, Notes, Calendars and Mail Accounts in the new upgraded firmware. What we need is the location where iPhone stores these SMS, Notes etc and an iPhone file explorer. Continue reading “Backup or Restore iPhone SMS, Contacts, Notes, Calendar and Mail Manually”

Solution to recover accidentally Deleted Files or Data

OMG!! You have accidentally deleted a file that you wish to use further, instead of another that you actually wanted to delete. What’s more you have emptied the recycle bin as well! This is the common thing faced by almost all of us some or the other day.

Wondering what to do when Windows have no option to restore it? Well after the efforts of computer experts, no more worries. But before knowing the solution it would be worth noting that when we delete a file, Windows actually delete the reference to it and not the file Continue reading “Solution to recover accidentally Deleted Files or Data”

Steps to Backup Registry using regedit

We all like installing new software and applications without knowing what harm it can do to the registry in our system. A registry is a central storage for all computer configuration data.

Why should we backup our registry?

Microsoft Windows stores its configuration information in a database called the registry. It’s where programs get information from. In a single statement, one little mistake in your registry can stop Windows from loading at startup. Therefore to protect the PC from getting crashed, we need to have a backup of our registry and restore it at the time of need.

For the users that have a useful information on the system, it is advisable to not only take the backup of the data but also of the registry once a week.

How to Backup the registry?

Taking the backup of the complete registry is not a difficult task and takes just Continue reading “Steps to Backup Registry using regedit”