Analyze Amazon Product Reviews before Buying

As we covered in our previous article, that how you can track and monitor amazon prices before buying in case of a price drop, today we have another helpful article based on amazon products. Reviews are any day helpful when you are looking to buy a new product that you don’t know much about. But how trustworthy are those reviews?

These days, companies are spending money in all sorts of advertisement that also includes writing positive reviews. So how would you determine if the review that you are reading is genuine and not fake? Or if it is a paid review or not? Let this free web service called as Fakespot do it for you. Continue reading “Analyze Amazon Product Reviews before Buying”

How to Find if a Customer Review is Fake or not

Online Shopping is one of the easiest ways of shopping. Most people like to shop online as it provides with the comfort of being at home and avoid the queues. But the problem is here that if you are not sure of the product, then you might find it difficult to determine how the product will be actually. Product Reviews are the best way to overcome this issue.

Every time I go to some shopping site, before buying the specific product I always look up its reviews below both about the product and about the seller as learning from other people’s experience helps a lot. Now other problem these days is the fake reviews. Most sellers put up either fake or paid reviews on their products as this helps in advertising the product, hence more sale. Continue reading “How to Find if a Customer Review is Fake or not”