Advance Run Replacement Tool called Executor

Windows default Run tool is a great way to launch an application or a program if you know the shortcut. We can launch many programs from the Run but it still lacks some functionality or can be improved further. Whether this is the case or you just need another Run tool if your Run has been disabled by the virus, here is a replacement tool called Executor.

We have written about the replacement tools earlier including Run but here is another Run replacement tool called Executor that is much advanced and customizable. This is a multipurpose launcher and a more advanced and customizable version of Windows Run. The tool not only includes the Run functionality but can also be used to launch any application through its search feature. Continue reading “Advance Run Replacement Tool called Executor”

Reason why gpedit.msc is not working in Windows 7

Group Policy Editor or the command used to run it that is gpedit.msc is the best way to configure your system for some admin options. There are many options that are available in this which are used to make the backend changes in the system like disabling any tool, taking off privilege of a user or etc.

To access the Group Policy Editor you need to type gpedit.msc in the Run box, which automatically opens the window for you to customize the options. Now the issue here is that I have seen this command not working in Windows 7 OS in many computers. Continue reading “Reason why gpedit.msc is not working in Windows 7”

Disable Run Menu in Windows

There are many applications in Windows that can be accessed using the Start menu while there are these admin applications that can only be accessed using the Run menu like the msconfig or the services. These are the backend applications using which we can make many admin changes in the system.

While using these admin services can fix and repair your system, using these can also worsen it. Also there are pages full of hacks and tweaks on internet which not everyone would want to be used on their machines. So if you also want to disable the Run or remove it from your Start menu, then here it is. Continue reading “Disable Run Menu in Windows”

Steps to Restore Missing Run Command from Windows

The problem of missing Run command was faced by one of our readers and if similar is the problem with you then below are the steps to solve this problem.

Solution 1:

•    You need to open gpedit.msc but since Run is missing then you can open it from the Administrative tools inside the control panel.

•    Go to user configuration ->  admin templates -> click “Start Menu and Taskbar”. Look for the option “remove run menu from start menu” on the right side. Double Continue reading “Steps to Restore Missing Run Command from Windows”

Things to do to Keep Windows Fast

After few days and managing my time I am finally able to post an article today that will guide you in keeping your copy of Windows safe and fast.

There are many points one can think of to keep their copy of Windows run fast and some are listed below but if you also any other as well then do share it here.


1.    The first and the foremost thing would be to ensure that you keep it virus free, so just have a good Anti Virus installed and keep it updated. Continue reading “Things to do to Keep Windows Fast”

Open .Reg File without Confirmation

There are times when we wish to make certain changes in the Registry of our Windows but to do that we can either edit the registry manually or use a .reg file that will do the work itself.

While editing registry manually is bit tiresome and require some precaution, using the .reg registry file is easy and does the work itself.

To use the .reg file we need to double click on it and then click OK to the confirmation prompt but here is a cool trick that can prevent the confirmation dialog and we can run the .reg file directly. Continue reading “Open .Reg File without Confirmation”

Solve Cannot Find Rundll32.exe when Control Panel is Opened

The problem was reported by one of our readers who was troubled by the error message that comes up every time he opens Control Panel and reading

Windows cannot find C:\Windows\Rundll32.exe make sure you typed the name correctly and try again”.

Cause of the problem:

The problem is caused only due to the damaged or missing Rundll32.exe file from the Windows directory.

Steps to fix the problem:

1.    You just need to provide a new file Continue reading “Solve Cannot Find Rundll32.exe when Control Panel is Opened”

Detect and Find Windows Services Running in the Background

Windows make use of lots of services to run properly, thus figuring out which process belong to Windows and which not, is a bit difficult task.

For every function in Windows there is a service linked to it which you can see for yourself by typing services.msc in the Run box. This will open the Services dialog that has a list of all the services used by Windows for its proper running.

But if you wish to check which all services are actually and currently running in your system Continue reading “Detect and Find Windows Services Running in the Background”

Remove Arrow from Shortcut Icons on Desktop

Windows places various shortcut icons on the desktop, which are actually pointers to some file or application located elsewhere on the disk. You would notice a small arrow on the bottom left of the shortcut. This little arrow signifies that the icon is, indeed, a shortcut and not an icon.

So if you are annoyed seeing these useless arrows or just wish to remove it from the shortcut icons then yes, you can certainly do that. There are few tools also available that can do the same thing but I don’t believe in installing some software when you can do the same thing manually and easily.

NOTE: Since following steps involve Registry Tweak, it is suggested that you backup your registry before doing these to undo any changes that you don’t like. Continue reading “Remove Arrow from Shortcut Icons on Desktop”

Fix System Restore does not Open problem

Never thought that this can be a problem but it is true that one of our readers wanted to know what to do when System Restore does not open.

You can also open system restore by typing %systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe in Run box (try running this command before trying following steps).

So to keep it short and specific, here are the steps:

1.    Check if the System Restore is enabled or not Continue reading “Fix System Restore does not Open problem”

Fix the problem of Show hidden files and folders getting reset

This is a common problem these days that the option of “Show hidden files and folders” always gets reset each time when we set it to show the hidden files. This is sure a case of infected system either with Trojan or virus.

Possibly the system is infected by a virus named “amvo.exe”. So let’s remove this first to be on a safer side.

Steps to remove amvo.exe: Continue reading “Fix the problem of Show hidden files and folders getting reset”