Fix Samsung S6 Edge/Galaxy Phones Wifi Turning OFF and ON Automatically

I have this Samsung S6 Edge Plus phone that I like a lot but recently I came across this issue where my phone’s wifi kept turning off and on again and again automatically without me touching or clicking anything on the screen. That looked weird to me and I tried reaching out to the Samsung support to show that video and the problem but they replied their standard suggestion to factory format the phone which I didn’t want to.

So I did some research on the issue myself and then determined the cause of the problem and also the solution. Here is what you need to know. Continue reading “Fix Samsung S6 Edge/Galaxy Phones Wifi Turning OFF and ON Automatically”

How to Fix Samsung Fast Charging Not Working for Galaxy and Note Phones

Recently I got myself Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ which is a fantastic smartphone with a curved screen on both the sides. I love the phone and there is absolutely nothing in it which it can’t do when compared to any other phone in the current market.

To add to the features that I love in this phone, there is one feature of Adaptive Fast Charging which means when the battery goes down you can fast charge it to full in around 30-40 mins but if you compare this to other phones they would still take like 90 to 120 mins to completely charge. Continue reading “How to Fix Samsung Fast Charging Not Working for Galaxy and Note Phones”

Samsung Galaxy Phones Vulnerable to Security Flaw

If you have been using Samsung Galaxy phones or are a Samsung fan like me, then this news is probably not a good one for you. Security researchers have announced that Samsung Galaxy phones including the latest one S6 is vulnerable to attacks. Well, there is a chance, that yours is vulnerable too out of all the 600 million impacted phones worldwide.

As per the statement, what is making the phones unsecure is the keyboard app called as SwiftKey that comes pre-loaded in the phones. If this vulnerability can be successfully exploited, it can lead to attackers remotely accessing your device to spy through its camera or microphone, track your physical location via GPS, install malicious apps without you knowing, steal information and even eavesdrop on your messages and voice calls. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Phones Vulnerable to Security Flaw”

How to Unpair or Delete Bluetooth Devices from Samsung Galaxy

No one like wires, neither do I and when there are devices available that can pair with your mobile phone either via Bluetooth or via WiFi, why wouldn’t one use these devices. There are occasions when we wish to pair our phone with other Bluetooth enabled devices such as headset, phone, speakers or stereos. Pairing is very easy on every phone but upairing is not that easy and especially when someone is using the phone for the first time.

I have a Samsung Note 2 phone with me for some time now and it took a while for me to figure out how to actually remove or delete the paired Bluetooth devices from the list so that the device list don’t look cluttered with the devices which are not to be paired in the future. Continue reading “How to Unpair or Delete Bluetooth Devices from Samsung Galaxy”