What is a Rogueware and how to remove it?

You must have heard of many computer infections like malware, adware etc but ever heard what’s a Rogueware is? Yes, computer world have got this new type of malicious infection lately.

What is a Rogueware?
Rogueware, also known as Rogue security software is a new type of internet fraud that fools the users to buy some tool that helps in malicious code removal but in fact spreads more of it. The infection works in the similar way of fooling people and stealing them of their money. Continue reading “What is a Rogueware and how to remove it?”

Tip of the Week: Beware of Scareware

There are various different kinds of the malicious threats to the computer that remembering each of them is bit tedious. The threats include virus, malware, adware, Trojans but apart from these there is Scareware about which not everyone is aware of.

Scareware is a type of software that frightens you into downloading and purchasing certain rogue products (for e.g. fake antivirus, fake firewall). Scareware frightens you into installing the rogue product by displaying screens of your computer being attacked and claiming to be the solution to that Continue reading “Tip of the Week: Beware of Scareware”