Test your Computer’s Sleep and Hibernation Functionality with Sleeper

Apart from the usual Shutdown our machines have couple of more power saving modes namely Sleep (also known as Stand By) and Hibernation. On my desktop I liked the Hibernation functionality very much as it allowed me to quickly save the session and turn off the computer while the session remained saved, and instantly restore it back when turned on.

On the other hand, on my laptop I prefer the Sleep mode as all I have to do is just close the lid and the session is saved by default so that whenever I open the lid back, I get the same active session back. In case you are wondering the actual difference between the two, while Sleep mode uses the system power/battery although very low, Hibernation is like turning off the computer in which the power is completely saved. Continue reading “Test your Computer’s Sleep and Hibernation Functionality with Sleeper”

Terminate Unnecessary Processes in a Single Click

We have lot many processes running in the background, some of them are really important and required by the system whereas most of them are not that important and can be shut down in case of need. It becomes really bad when we open some files in the system for working, but the system becomes sluggish.

Likewise is a situation, when we wish to play some games in the computer but the system memory doesn’t allow us. One way to make the system fast and free some memory is by terminating the useless processes running in background but that had to be done manually which is a big turn off. Continue reading “Terminate Unnecessary Processes in a Single Click”

Shutdown, Reboot or Log Off Computer at specified Time Automatically

There are times when you wish that the computer you are working on, gets shut down at some specified time or after certain number of hours. Consider a situation, you are downloading a movie and you wish to sleep but you want that the computer gets shut down automatically after 3 hours, what shall you do?

Windows have no feature using which we can schedule the shutdown, reboot or the log off but here is a tool that I came across that does this for you. The tool is called “Automatically Shut Down, Reboot or Logoff Computer At Certain Time Software” and as the name suggests, it can shut down, restart or log off the system either at specified time or after certain number of hours. Continue reading “Shutdown, Reboot or Log Off Computer at specified Time Automatically”

Prevent Windows from Auto Sleep, Standby or Hibernate

If you have noticed that keeping a system idle for some time say 10 minutes or so, dims the computer screen (by default) or 30 minutes puts the computer to sleep. This is the default settings of the power plan in Windows 7. But there are occasions when you need to run the system for than this time without getting it sleep or hibernated.

Say you are showing some presentation on the system but not moving the mouse or pressing the key dims the screen, which of course don’t look good. Or consider a situation where you are downloading something from the internet and using the system, then after 30 minutes you find it in sleep state. Continue reading “Prevent Windows from Auto Sleep, Standby or Hibernate”

[Solved] System Date and Time Changes on System Restart

One of our readers was facing this problem that whenever she logs in into the Windows after system shutdown the system date and time changes to sometime in the past and does not shows up the correct time.

If same is the case with you and your system date and time is also changing on system boot then here are the steps to solve this problem. Continue reading “[Solved] System Date and Time Changes on System Restart”

Reboot Computer into another OS Automatically

Most users like to have more than one Operating System installed in the system, and if you also belong to the same category then this article is for you. What if you are working in one OS and want to restart the system to boot into another? You will need to wait for the system to shut down so that you can select the other option from the boot menu.

But with this tool called Restart you don’t have to wait. Just select the OS to boot into and rest task it will take care of itself. It will not only shutdown the system but also boot the system by itself into the OS selected by you. Continue reading “Reboot Computer into another OS Automatically”

Automatically Close Selected Programs before Shutdown

We happen to use many applications and programs as our daily routine but sometimes it may happen that the program is minimized and not closed. In this case the program will be running in the background.

Although shutdown causes all the programs to force exit and this may be fine for some programs but what if you have some unsaved documents in the background? Well in this case it is better to use a tool called CloseToQuit. Continue reading “Automatically Close Selected Programs before Shutdown”

Tips to Handle the Laptop

Laptops come handy at various situations and in places where the desktops cannot be used but apart from using these it becomes our responsibility to ensure that this product stays with us for a longer time.

So here are the tips that will guide you on how to use the Laptops to maximize their life in this week’s Tip of the Week.

Shut It Down

A laptop does require rest and therefore it is necessary to shut down the laptop when not in use. Shutting down when not in use also prevents the laptop from overheating. Continue reading “Tips to Handle the Laptop”

Lock your Computer in a Safer Way

This post shares with you the safer way to lock or shut down your computer than the usual process. It provides a high level security for your computer and also no software needed for locking computer.

The process is very simple and does not require much effort. The advantage of using this method is that you can provide a new password every time so no more worries of your password being guessed. Continue reading “Lock your Computer in a Safer Way”

Show Hibernate Button on Shutdown Permanently

For all those users who like to Hibernate their system quite frequently but don’t like pressing the Shift key to get the Hibernate option, here is a quick article that will help you display all the four buttons of Turn off, Restart, Stand By and Hibernate together in the Shutdown menu.



The above screen shots would have told you what this post is going to do, so if you feel your computer also needs the Hibernate button by default, follow the steps. Continue reading “Show Hibernate Button on Shutdown Permanently”

Computer Hibernation: Should we use it or not?

Lot of people have doubts in their mind about computer Hibernation and are unwilling to use this feature, lets see this in detail and come to conclusion whether we should use it or not.

What is Computer Hibernation?

The Hibernate function in Windows allows us to quickly turn off the computer thereby saving battery in case of Laptops and Power in case of Desktops.

While in normal Shut down Windows first closes all the applications and programs that are running and then turn off the system but in Hibernation mode, Windows just Continue reading “Computer Hibernation: Should we use it or not?”