Use Functionalities of Skype and WhatsApp under one App Fuze

Who doesn’t like new and more features and that too in a single app? Well these days, we have lots of apps available however each is made to serve a single sole purpose. If we take the example of Skype, it is mostly used to video and voice calls over internet and on the other hand if we take example of WhatsApp, it is mostly used for communicating with our friends over texts.

What if you need to browse web at the same time? You will have to go to a web browser app and launch it to access the features. Similarly although WhatsApp is very popular but it still can’t be used for voice or video calling. Here is an app based on similar lines of WhatsApp but incorporates more functionality like that of Skype, a web browser and news feeds. Continue reading “Use Functionalities of Skype and WhatsApp under one App Fuze”

Set Custom Ringtones for your Skype Contacts on Windows

Technology had improved so much in the past that wherever you are in the world, it is always easy and affordable to talk and chat to our loved beings. With the improvements in voice over internet, distances have been reduced a lot. It is now possible to talk to anyone in any corner of the world over internet. This is the reason why most people use Skype today.

Well if you also use Skype a lot on your computer here is something that will interest you. Being a Skype user myself, I know it is not possible to set our own custom ringtones for the contacts saved in the Skype, hence for all the incoming calls there is the same default Skype ringtone. Although it is not an issue to most people but in case you want something to distinguish some callers from others without actually seeing the caller name, then here is the tool for that. Continue reading “Set Custom Ringtones for your Skype Contacts on Windows”

Send and Receive Video Messages on Skype with Skype Video Messaging

Today there are lots of options of video chatting with someone like FaceTime and Skype and these have become very important in people’s lives. All they have to do is just pick their phone, run the app and select the contact to video chat with. You can also send video SMS (called MMS) too to anyone in your contact list. Skype is one of the best video chat service used today.

But a simple problem here can be what if the other person is not available to chat when you really have something to show him? Yes there can be times when your buddy is offline and you really want him to show something. Skype can help you connect with the special people in your life, even when your schedules conflict Continue reading “Send and Receive Video Messages on Skype with Skype Video Messaging”

Record FaceTime Video Calls on iPhone, iPad and Mac

All the iOS users and the Mac users would agree to one thing, FaceTime is the best video calling app available for Apple users so far. There is no denying the fact that the video and audio quality available in FaceTime is also awesome. If you think that FaceTime is just another video calling app like Skype, then you surely need to try it. It is the call quality and the convenience of calling someone that makes this app the most used app among the Apple lovers.

Well video chatting to someone on FaceTime is one thing and keeping the memories last forever is another. It can happen to you that you need to record that session of the FaceTime so that you can see that later, what shall you do in that case? Well if you are also looking for something like that then this post will help you. Continue reading “Record FaceTime Video Calls on iPhone, iPad and Mac”

Viber now Available for Windows and Mac Desktop

These days Viber is one of the most famous and used communication media since it is very easy to use and is independent of the location of a person. According to the official Viber team, they have crossed over 200 million users worldwide across all the media Viber supports. So that means you have better chances of calling someone in your contacts list.

With this news, team Viber had also announced the release of their new product called as Viber Desktop which is nothing but a simple and easy to use Viber app for your desktop computer. Now, you can even use your Windows or Mac machine to call anyone (having an account on Viber) for free anytime just by using your data connection or the WiFi internet. Continue reading “Viber now Available for Windows and Mac Desktop”

Launch Multiple Instances of Skype simultaneously on same Computer

When it comes to video chatting over computer and internet, how many options there may be, the first software that anyone think of is the Skype. Skype, due to its ease of use and effective communication, has become the first choice of every individual for voice and video communication over internet. However there is one thing that it lacks, it only allows you to log in with your single account at some point of time on a single computer.

What if you and someone from your family wish to be online on the Skype at the same time? Well if you are using the desktop version of the Skype then it is not possible as it does not allow this feature yet. This can be of great use for someone who likes to use his different profiles for professional and personal life. Continue reading “Launch Multiple Instances of Skype simultaneously on same Computer”

Record Skype Video Calls for Free with Skype Recorder

For all those who like travelling or are required to travel to far away places for work or just for vacation, know how much important it is stay in touch with your near ones. When you are required to call our family to distant places which communication media you prefer? In this tech age, we can make use of the internet to communicate with each other.

There are various ways of communicating with each other some of which I use as Viber, Wtsapp and Skype etc. Skype is one of the best clients that we use daily for our communication for talk, text and other things. People like me who live far away from home use it to talk to their near ones without any extra charges. Continue reading “Record Skype Video Calls for Free with Skype Recorder”

Add Cool Effects to your Video Chats with WebCamEffects

For those who like to travel places either for work or for leisure, communicating with the dear ones can be bit difficult and expensive. The best thing that comes to our rescue here is the video chat which is the cheapest way to communicate to anyone and anywhere. You can make use of any video chat tool like Skype, Google Video, Facebook video chat etc for this purpose.

Moreover if you are video chatting with someone you would not like them to see the cluttered background at your place (this goes especially for the bachelors) :). Also if you feel that video chat is bit boring and want to add some cool effects to the way you look, then you can do that using a tool called WebCamEffects. Continue reading “Add Cool Effects to your Video Chats with WebCamEffects”

Automatically Record Skype Voice Calls from Specific Contacts

Skype is not only the media to talk to our buddies overseas but also enables us to chat with many others on some important topics. Most people also discuss some important agenda over Skype as it is very cheap to use. It happens sometimes that we wish to record our some of the important voice calls so that we can listen to them later and see if we missed anything.

By default, Skype does not provide us with any feature to record voice calls hence there are many third party tools over the internet that can help us in this matter. We came across one such tool called Skype Auto Recorder which is in our view, one of the free Skype Voice call recorders available. Continue reading “Automatically Record Skype Voice Calls from Specific Contacts”

View Skype Log Files with Skype Log Viewer

Skype is one of the most favourite applications used by users globally to make or receive calls, chat messages, file transfer and video calls etc. The first thing that I like about it is its ease of use and also the mobile Skype app that enables us to connect from our phone too.

If you have been using Skype for some time now then you must be aware that it produces some log files too in the format .dbb and main.dbb files which can’t be opened in any log viewer. However these log files are sometimes important to us as we can derive the call details from the log files. Continue reading “View Skype Log Files with Skype Log Viewer”

Free Skype Voice Changer

Few days back I mentioned about a free voice changer software that you can use for many purposes like recording the voice in different voice or while playing games but here is a software that is used solely for changing Voice when using Skype.

The software has many filters for adding different tones to the voice. The software may look bit complex but if you use it, you will know how simple it is to use. Multiple filters can be combined with each other to use all their effects for the voice changing process. Continue reading “Free Skype Voice Changer”

Missing Features in Gtalk

We all like chatting, don’t we and there are many clients available for use. We have whole lot of options to choose from like Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, and Skype to name a few. Our choice of the messenger depends on our liking of the chat tool.

Every chat tool has its own advantage and disadvantage. While usually there are more advantages than their disadvantages, there are several areas in which our favorite Gtalk, also known as Gchat, is lagging behind the others. Continue reading “Missing Features in Gtalk”