Trim MP3 Audio files with free MP3 Editor mpTrim

We come across many audio mp3 files in our daily lives having some or the other problems like a dead silence in the beginning or having background disturbance or uneven volume level. In case you are someone who deals with audio more than others then you need to edit these files before using them for your own use.

For editing the mp3 audio file you definitely need to have some audio mp3 editor as Windows don’t provide such feature by default. There are many mp3 editors and trimmers available on the internet but most of them are not free or not that easy to operate. Here is one tool called mpTrim that serves both these purposes for you. Continue reading “Trim MP3 Audio files with free MP3 Editor mpTrim”

Free Voice Changer Software MorphVOX

Ever wanted to change your voice while talking to a friend on a messenger or just wished to chat in a network game with a different voice to fool your foes? Whatever be the case, this voice changer software lets you do all of these and that too for free.

MorphVOX Junior is free software that is able to change our voice when we speak in mic on the computer. The tool has an option of modifying the voice either in man, woman or a little folk’s voice. The quality of the changed sound is also good. Continue reading “Free Voice Changer Software MorphVOX”