Some Common Myths about Spam Emails

I have received an email from one of our readers asking more information about the Spam emails. By now I had figured out that there are myths about spam messages that are prevailing on the web. Well in case you also have some doubts about Spam emails, then here are the true facts about it.

What is Spam / Spam Email?

Spam emails are the emails sent either manually by a sender or auto-generated by some server that aims mostly at advertising some product but can also contain malicious code too as an attachment. Continue reading “Some Common Myths about Spam Emails”

Get Short Emails not more than 500 characters with Shortmail

You receive lot of spam or the usual forward emails that you don’t like? If these are the emails that you mostly receive then you can have it stopped. You can use the online service called Shortmail using which you can receive only those emails which are short and precise.

While most spam emails are more than 500 chars long, you can easily stop receiving spam messages. Also the thing is that the email which the sender would be sending you will be neat, precise and to the point with no useless topic other than the work context. Continue reading “Get Short Emails not more than 500 characters with Shortmail”

Facebook Spammers spreading Japan Tsunami Malwares

Facebook is the world’s popular way of communicating with each other, and this is the reason why we see lot of spammers spreading the malwares online and infecting the users.

After the nature’s attack on Japan recently, we are seeing lot of fake footage and video files in Facebook which asks users to click on the files and redirects to some other site having no video file. But in the process of doing this much, the user has unknowingly agreed to allow the app to use his info. Continue reading “Facebook Spammers spreading Japan Tsunami Malwares”

Steps to Disable New User Registration on WordPress Blog

All those admin who run a wordpress blog like me might have faced this problem of receiving spam new user registration on the blog. I have been getting notifications for the new user registration in my blog lately but it came as a surprise to me when one day I received 17 new registrations.

Of course, this should not happen as it poses security threat to the blog. I will share a way how I stopped the spammers to register themselves as a new user subscriber in my blog.


1.    Open your blog cPanel and click PHPMyAdmin link in it. Continue reading “Steps to Disable New User Registration on WordPress Blog”

Tips to Reduce Spam Emails

All of us use emails for communication and thus each one of us must have come across some spam emails every day. No one like Spam Messages and thus in this Tip of the Week, I share the tips to reduce these. First of all let’s get to know what these Spam Emails are and how are they being received by us.

What is Email Spam?

The term spam refers to unsolicited, often unwanted, e-mail messages that we receive in our email inboxes, though most of the email service providers, provide us Continue reading “Tips to Reduce Spam Emails”

Risks with Free Downloads

When you come across a free utility on the Net, the temptation to download is really hard to resist. From music, wallpapers, software to editors and other useful stuffs, not all things that we get for free are safe.

Downloading goodies from the net without a cent comes with some hefty prices later such as:


One of the most common add-ons that come with free softwares is the hidden spyware. For example, once you have installed your favourite music player, the spyware will start preying on your private details. What’s more, your PC will also get slowed due to the fact. Continue reading “Risks with Free Downloads”

How to Improve Performance of Gmail Spam

Gmail is one of the good mail services but there are occasions when our known and trusted email moves to the Spam folder, then what should we do at this stage just move it to the inbox or something else?

Usually the auto generated mails move to the Spam folder but this does not mean that all the mails generated automatically are spam, so performing the following steps will improve the performance of the Spam filter.


1. If you are sure enough that the mail in the Spam folder is not spam then clicking on Continue reading “How to Improve Performance of Gmail Spam”

Koobface Malware Attacks Facebook

Seeing the rising popularity of the social networking sites like Orkut and Facebook, it seems that the hackers have decided to attack these now.

We just came across about the malware attached in Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince Movie available on net and now there is another instance of this kind of attack.

Facebook have been identified as the next target where the users are getting spam messages in which they are asked to click on a link that redirects to a Video sharing site looking exactly similar to Youtube (but it is not that) having bogus comments by the viewers. Continue reading “Koobface Malware Attacks Facebook”

Beware of Spyware behind Obama Sex Video e-mail

Even if you are interested in reading about politics over internet then also you should not believe everything that you come across on the net. The latest news spreading over internet through E-mails is about the democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

There is a malicious spam e-mail spreading that claims to have a sex video of Obama. The subject of the mail reads “Obama Sex Video” and the email address it comes from Continue reading “Beware of Spyware behind Obama Sex Video e-mail”