Test your Computer’s Sleep and Hibernation Functionality with Sleeper

Apart from the usual Shutdown our machines have couple of more power saving modes namely Sleep (also known as Stand By) and Hibernation. On my desktop I liked the Hibernation functionality very much as it allowed me to quickly save the session and turn off the computer while the session remained saved, and instantly restore it back when turned on.

On the other hand, on my laptop I prefer the Sleep mode as all I have to do is just close the lid and the session is saved by default so that whenever I open the lid back, I get the same active session back. In case you are wondering the actual difference between the two, while Sleep mode uses the system power/battery although very low, Hibernation is like turning off the computer in which the power is completely saved. Continue reading “Test your Computer’s Sleep and Hibernation Functionality with Sleeper”

Automatically Hibernate or StandBy Computer after Reboot

What would you do if you want your computer to go on Hibernation or standby automatically after the movie you are downloading is completed? Well there is not much you can, so you will have to sit back and do it manually.

This is a simple tool called Boot Snooze with which you can schedule your system to either go on hibernation or on standby automatically right after the system restart. Using the tool is fairly simple and easily customizable too. Continue reading “Automatically Hibernate or StandBy Computer after Reboot”

See how long your Computer has been Active

You think that your computer has been active for quite long in the last week or is it you want to monitor if someone has logged in your machine for long, then you don’t need to worry you can just monitor how long your system has remain active in the last 3 weeks.

It is also a good idea to see how much you have worked on your system to analyse if you are using your machine exhaustively or under utilizing it. Whatever be the situation you can see the active times of your machine in an easy presentable form with the help of a tool called PC On/Off Time. Continue reading “See how long your Computer has been Active”

Show Hibernate Button on Shutdown Permanently

For all those users who like to Hibernate their system quite frequently but don’t like pressing the Shift key to get the Hibernate option, here is a quick article that will help you display all the four buttons of Turn off, Restart, Stand By and Hibernate together in the Shutdown menu.



The above screen shots would have told you what this post is going to do, so if you feel your computer also needs the Hibernate button by default, follow the steps. Continue reading “Show Hibernate Button on Shutdown Permanently”

Steps to Enable Hibernation Disabled in Windows

One of our readers was facing the problem of invisible Hibernation tab in the Power Options due to which he was unable to Hibernate the computer during Shut Down.

Now since the Hibernate option is disabled, the computer can neither be put in Hibernate mode nor on Stand By which also gets disabled.

Steps to Enable Hibernation:

1.    Go to Control Panel -> Power Options -> Hibernate tab and check the box Continue reading “Steps to Enable Hibernation Disabled in Windows”

How to Resume Windows from Stand By

Seems a simple post for today but let’s face it, most of the computer users come across trouble while they try to resume computer from a stand by state.

So if you also don’t know much about the Stand By stuff then here are the steps that will guide you.

How to put your computer on standby:

1.    You can put your desktop/laptop on standby by manually selecting the standby option when you click the turn off button. Continue reading “How to Resume Windows from Stand By”