System Restore Point Creator for Windows lets you Manage System Restore easily

Over the time our computer tends to develop issues and if we are into installing more programs then the chances are even higher. You never know which software you are going to install isn’t genuine or may be the software is incompatible with something already present on your system. If anything like this happens, we then need to uninstall the tool and the files associated with it.

The best way to overcome these type of changes is provided by default in Windows known as System Restore. System restore is a tool provided to us in Windows by Microsoft that keeps running in background and monitoring our machine for some changes like installation of a software or windows update or anything like that, so that if anything goes wrong, you can easily switch back to the state before that change. Continue reading “System Restore Point Creator for Windows lets you Manage System Restore easily”

What is a Rogueware and how to remove it?

You must have heard of many computer infections like malware, adware etc but ever heard what’s a Rogueware is? Yes, computer world have got this new type of malicious infection lately.

What is a Rogueware?
Rogueware, also known as Rogue security software is a new type of internet fraud that fools the users to buy some tool that helps in malicious code removal but in fact spreads more of it. The infection works in the similar way of fooling people and stealing them of their money. Continue reading “What is a Rogueware and how to remove it?”

[Solved] Windows showing same Desktop and Program File Icons

One of our readers was facing this problem in his Windows 7 system that all the programs in his system showed the same icon (of Yahoo Messenger in his case) and on clicking which opens the Yahoo Messenger. But on navigating the actual installed program and double clicking it from there, started the actual program.

If you are also seeing the same icons for all the programs in your system then this solution will help you. The reason why this problem occurred is that the default startup for the .lnk extension (which act as the startup shortcut) were replaced by this some new program (as YM in this case). Continue reading “[Solved] Windows showing same Desktop and Program File Icons”

Microsoft Releases Windows 7 Service Pack 1

If you have liked the new Windows OS very much then you won’t want to miss out on the news these days. Microsoft had released the Service Pack of its most liked OS Windows 7 on 22nd Feb.

Microsoft says the standalone update package should weigh in at 527MB for x86 users, about 903MB for x64 users, and 511MB for users on Itanium chips. The service pack is believed to provide major bug fixes in the OS along with the security enhancement features. The update adds Dynamic Memory and RemoteFX, technologies that increase, respectively, the density of virtual machines and the graphical prowess of thin-client hardware. Continue reading “Microsoft Releases Windows 7 Service Pack 1”

Steps to Remove Chrome.exe Virus

One of our readers was facing the issues in his system due to this virus called Chrome.exe. Although it usually is a setup file that is used to install Chrome browser but this can be a virus file if found in other locations than expected.

How Chrome.exe virus affects

The worm is found to spread itself through online messengers and internet. It also emails some link to all the people in the contact list asking to click on the link thereby downloading the worm.

It also downloads other malware and it will also attempt to propagate via the means of creating copies of itself onto removable devices such as USB flash and hard drives. Continue reading “Steps to Remove Chrome.exe Virus”

5 Dos of Using Computer

Everyone wish to protect his computer and extract the best out of it but in order to get the maximum use of the computer one must use it wisely. Following are the 5 Good Computing Habits that would ensure that your system is in the best possible state:

1.    Organize your Folders

It is easy to save a folder/file into the wrong folder or on the desktop especially when we are in hurry but keeping all the files and folder organized helps system be in good touch.

So have a plan, decide for the folders, take some time out and clean your files periodically. Having a cleaning routine would surely maintain your system and would never decrease its performance. Continue reading “5 Dos of Using Computer”

[Solved] System Restore Missing in Windows

One of our readers faced this problem that he was not able to find the System Restore option in his version of Windows. If similar is the case with you then here are few tricks to solve the problem.

Solution 1:

The problem of missing System Restore is due to the corrupted or missing System Volume Information folders in each drive.

1.    Go to each drive and look for these folders (these are system hidden and you will need to show hidden as well as system files to see these folders). Continue reading “[Solved] System Restore Missing in Windows”

Remove Songs.exe or Khatarnak.exe Virus

The virus was reported by one of our readers and surprisingly this virus spreads under the names of songs.exe, khatarnak.exe and pictures.exe apart from others.

Steps to remove this virus:

1.    Turn off the System Restore.

2.    Boot in the Safe mode.

3.    Go to Add/Remove Programs and remove any programs referencing “W32/SillyFDC,” “Worm.IM.Sohanad” or “Khatarnak.exe (if any)

4.    Run Task Manager and kill the process (if any) relating to these exe Continue reading “Remove Songs.exe or Khatarnak.exe Virus”

[Solved] Computer Screen Resolution Out of Range

Yesterday I was called up by one of my friends who had by mistake changed the monitor resolution to a value that his computer monitor cannot support.

Due to this he was unable to see anything on the screen and his monitor was giving a message “Out of Range”. This problem can be easily solved as follows.


1.    While nothing comes on the screen in the normal mode, you can change the settings back in Continue reading “[Solved] Computer Screen Resolution Out of Range”

Remove W32/Sality Virus

One of our readers came across this virus known as W32 Sality that has infected his system. Here are the steps to be followed to remove this virus.

W32 Sality Virus has the capability to affect all the executable exe files in the system and also disabling the Task Manager, Registry Editor and other things like Folder Options. However removing this is not very difficult.


1.    Disable System Restore

First of all Disable System Restore so that it may not come again from the Continue reading “Remove W32/Sality Virus”

How to Delete System Restore Points

System Restore Points provides a better way to undo any change made to the Windows after you have installed a software or done some changes that does not work up to your expectation.

The computer restores the system to some older System Restore Points, points when our system was working absolutely fine and up to our expectations. But this feature requires some space to store the Restore Points to be able to restore.

You would also have noticed the hard disk space getting increasing and decreasing on its own this is because the restore points get created and deleted Continue reading “How to Delete System Restore Points”

Re-Enable the Disabled System Restore

System Restore which is a good feature in Windows to revert our system to some earlier better state when the system was working fine, shows up many problems. Some of them have been discussed already.

One of our readers was facing the problem that his System Restore has been disabled may be due to some Virus activity or due to some changes made by software.

Here are the steps to solve this problem and enable the System Restore again.

1.    Go to System Properties -> System Restore tab and uncheck the box reading “Turn off System Restore on all drives” (if checked). Continue reading “Re-Enable the Disabled System Restore”