WhatsApp Messenger to Charge Annual Subscription with new Update

With growing constraints and charges in sending a text message to someone, we are seeing more and more apps that allow us to send text messages worldwide but nothing beats the most popular text (also pictures, videos, and location) messaging service called as WhatsApp. I have been using WhatsApp for quite some time now and what I liked the most about it is that it is completely free to install, to use and to send messages to anywhere in the world.

WhatsApp is lot popular as messenger service that almost everyone I know is using WhatsApp. WhatsApp is also an ad free service which adds to its popularity. Well I feel that being simple to use and being a free app is the sole reason for its growing consumer base, however you might know that it was not free for a limited time sometime ago. Continue reading “WhatsApp Messenger to Charge Annual Subscription with new Update”

Generate Self Destructing One-Time Text and Media Messages

There are occasions when you want to send some confidential information like a message or a media to someone but at the same time you would want that the message can’t be forwarded or shared with others. While it is not advisable to share any confidential information over text with someone, if you have no other option than sending then you should try the self destructing messages.

Self destructing messages are the messages that destroy themselves after some specified time period thereby leaving no trace behind. There are various services for generating self destructible messages; today we are sharing one such service called ReadOnce. Continue reading “Generate Self Destructing One-Time Text and Media Messages”

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Conversations from iPhone and Android

WhatsApp has become so popular that most people use this as their communication media instead of sending a regular text. Moreover since the regular text messages are not free for everyone, and because of the advantages WhatsApp has, no wonder it is liked by almost everyone.

Most of my friends are also on WhatsApp to whom I chat regularly. Sometimes it happens we accidentally delete our conversations from WhatsApp or may be at will but later realize that we need those deleted messages. What shall you do in that case? Well here is a free online utility to help you out. Continue reading “Recover Deleted WhatsApp Conversations from iPhone and Android”

Download Way2SMS Desktop Client for Windows

If you are a person who likes to send lots and lots of text messages every day to your buddies whether it is about studies, work or just time pass, you are definitely going to like this post. Sending text messages from cellphone is one thing and sending via web (online) is another. These days there are many online services which you can make use of to send sms in your country free of cost.

Way2SMS is one such famous service that has been helping people to send text messages to anyone in India for free. But to be able to use this service, you need to have an account on the Way2SMS that is you need to be registered so that there is no spamming through this service. Also what I used to do to send messages was, I went online and have to visit the website and login to be able to send texts. Continue reading “Download Way2SMS Desktop Client for Windows”

ButlerSMS: Create an Auto Response SMS System for Missed Text Messages

Usually it happens with all of us that sometimes we are unable to respond to a text message. This happens may be because we are at work or we are driving or some similar case in which we are unable to keep our hands on our mobile phones.

This often results in misunderstanding. The other person might think that you are avoiding his/her text messages (I know bit weird, but can happen). Thus if you have an android phone then you can move out from such dangerous situations. I am using the word dangerous because if the text message that you missed was from your wife or some loved one, then it could be really very dangerous. Lol. Continue reading “ButlerSMS: Create an Auto Response SMS System for Missed Text Messages”

Use Chrome to Send and Receive SMS with your own Mobile Number

Sending and receiving text messages (SMS) is one of the most popular activities among the teenagers as well as the service people. Some of them use it to exchange information and some use it for fun. If we exchange text messages via internet, then it would be the easiest task.

There are many websites that offers you to send messages to your contacts using their server. Even they add the name of their website in the message. However, if you have an Android phone, then instead of using any website you can use your chrome browser to send text messages. Continue reading “Use Chrome to Send and Receive SMS with your own Mobile Number”

Convert Text message to Voice message

As the title suggests we are going to tell you how you can convert a text message to a voice message without using any tool. By following steps you will be able to convert it and you will be amazed by using this trick.

Whether you use it for fun, to test your computer voice/speakers or other things, but you can make your computer speak whatever you type. It is more like converting your text message into voice.

Step1: Open the Notepad.

Step2: Then write the following code in the text area (don’t copy paste the code it won’t work)

Dim msg, sapi

msg=InputBox(“Enter your text for conversion”)

Set sapi=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)

sapi.Speak msg Continue reading “Convert Text message to Voice message”