Find your First Tweet on Twitter with Topsy

This one is for all the social media addicts, especially the Twitter fans. If you would like to check your older tweets and your first tweet with which you started your updates on twitter, then this post will definitely going to help you. Well, if you wish to go down the memory lane and see what all you have tweeted till now, it’s not at all difficult to do so. Moreover sometimes it is a good idea to check your old tweets, feel nostalgic and relive the old memories.

With the help of this free online service called as Topsy, you can do that easily. Topsy is a free online service that records all the tweets including yours since 2006. So if you search your twitter handle in that, you are sure to find all the tweets of yours. As you can see in the image below, I checked mine and then sorted by the “Oldest” filter to see my first tweet on Twitter. Continue reading “Find your First Tweet on Twitter with Topsy”

Block Sports and TV Spoilers from Appearing in your Social Feeds with Spoiler Shield

If you are a sports lover or enjoy watching TV shows then I know how it feels if you already come across the spoilers before you are actually able to watch it for your own. Social medias are a place where are friends out of excitement posts the results and the plots of the shows but this comes very bad to those who have actually missed the show this time. If you are someone who would like to watch the game or the TV show on your own before someone tells you then what should you do, stop checking Facebook or Twitter?

Well the solution is in a form of this free app called as Spoiler Shield (however it is only available for the iOS at present and Android version is releasing soon). All you have to do to stay protected from your friends’ spoiler is to block the specific terms to block the spoilers using this app. Continue reading “Block Sports and TV Spoilers from Appearing in your Social Feeds with Spoiler Shield”

Say more by Shortening your Tweets with TweetShort

Twitter is one of the famous social networking services used by us today, as it helps in getting touch with our other friends. If you have been using it, you must be knowing how difficult it get sometimes to tweet within the character limit of 140 characters especially when you are retweeting something and you need to write something of your own along with it, then surely you will face hard time in shortening the tweet within the 140 characters.

Although with some efforts you can shorten your tweets within the range but why waste time and effort on this when we have some online service right for this purpose? Well with this service called as TweetShort you can reduce the character count of your twitter update before tweeting on Twitter so that you are able to say more within the same 140 character limit. Continue reading “Say more by Shortening your Tweets with TweetShort”

Export your Twitter Account as Documents with twDocs

Most of us are with Twitter for a long time now and there are times when we wish to save certain tweets, mentions or direct messages with us for later use. If this had also happened to you then am sure you would be looking for something that can backup your twitter account. Well this article will let you know how to export your twitter profile as text documents for later use.

Twitter has gained its place in the online market and with the advantages it provides, we usually use it daily, don’t we? With the help of this free web service called twDocs you can save and export your twitter activities like tweets, mentions, direct messages and search results etc into text documents like pdf, txt, doc, xls, csv or html. I am not sure how much useful it will be for everyone but for someone who wishes to save certain mentions, tweets and other activities about him (say praises) should definitely give it a try. Continue reading “Export your Twitter Account as Documents with twDocs”

Six New Languages Added to Twitter Translation Center

Twitter a well known social networking site is looking for translators who can help the site to translate some new languages. You might be thinking that why such a large social networking site is looking for translators? Twitter is adding continuously new languages since the launch of its new Translation Center.

The new Translation Center allows any Twitter user to sign up, choose a language and begin translating immediately. Translators can now help localize,, Twitter for iPhone and iPad, Twitter for Android, Twitter Help and the Twitter Business Center. Twitter states that around half a million people are involved in this translation process since October 2009. Continue reading “Six New Languages Added to Twitter Translation Center”

Schedule and Post your Tweets Automatically

People today are using social networking site very much, as they are getting addicted to it. Updating status on Facebook, posting tweets on Twitter are a part of their addiction. Now you will be surprised to know that we are going to take your addiction to a new height 🙂

Did you ever think that how good would it be if you can schedule your tweets so that it gets posted automatically to your account? Well, if you thought this sometime, then your wish has almost come true. TwittaMatic is a desktop application that will schedule your tweets and it will get automatically posted even if you can’t access your computer or laptop. Continue reading “Schedule and Post your Tweets Automatically”

Check Who Have UnFollowed You On Twitter

Twitter is one of the most used social networking sites today. It enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets“. It connects different people who are living at distant places. It keeps you in touch with your friends, relatives etc.

If you are using twitter then you should have understood that anyone can easily follow and Un-follow you on twitter. You won’t mind people following you but you would worry a little and would like to know who all have unFollowed you. Twitter notifies you when you have New Followers but it doesn’t notify you if someone unFollowed you. Continue reading “Check Who Have UnFollowed You On Twitter”

Backup your Facebook Photos, Updates or Timeline

Facebook and other social networking sites like Twitter, Google + are the most accessed websites today where most of the people spend their time online. Thus we have something about these sites only that might interest you.

At the first instant, you would ask me why shall you backup or save all your Facebook content when it is already present on your profile. This question is right but to some extent as you are never sure of the policy updates of these social sites, it may happen someday that you wish to view some old photos of yours but due to policy updates, those are now not unavailable. Continue reading “Backup your Facebook Photos, Updates or Timeline”

What do Hashtags on Twitter Mean?

Today Facebook is considered as the best social networking site but it is human nature that if we keep sticking with something we all gets bored. Then how can we stick to a particular social networking site? We should not focus all our attention to FB only. There are other social networking sites also.

Twitter is one of them. It has lots of exciting features and hashtags is one of them. In last few days I came across some tweets having ‘#’ signs like #subtweet, #brandmanager etc. So I tried to locate what exactly do these hashtags mean and thus would like to share my experience with you all. Continue reading “What do Hashtags on Twitter Mean?”

Delete all your Twitter Updates with TwitWipe

It has been a long-long time since the Twitter service was started and if you are someone who are tweeting right from those early days then you must have accumulated around thousands of tweets in your profile. While some of the tweets would have been really useful for others, others (in fact, most of them) would have been just time pass.

Well in case you wish to clean up your twitter account by deleting all of the twitter updates, you can do so in just a single click. Why would you want to do this? The reason may be simple, to start all over with the same account or if you want to handover your account to someone you know, you might want to wipe it off. Continue reading “Delete all your Twitter Updates with TwitWipe”

Use all Social Networking Sites at one place with Social

In this generation of social networking, we all have our own personal social networking profiles and that too not only on either Facebook, twitter but also on many other websites. Also we happen to check our email and chat with our buddies daily, don’t we?

Doing all this can be irritating as we have to log on to these network and manage the windows separately. It would be surely better if we get to use all the social networking sites, emails and chat clients at one place, isn’t it? Continue reading “Use all Social Networking Sites at one place with Social”

Scan your Twitter Account for Suspicious Tweets and Friends

Twitter which is one of the famous social networking sites, have also been exposed to the world of malicious attacks and if you are kind of a person who follows anyone then you have a bright chance of being attacked.

You can either follow your buddies or the person you know or you can follow anyone who follows you, but in this way you are prone to follow some spammer or attacker too. Consider a situation in which you have followed some suspicious user, then if he shares some malicious link with you, you won’t know, beforehand, that if the link will redirect you to some malicious website or not. Continue reading “Scan your Twitter Account for Suspicious Tweets and Friends”