[Solved] iPhone 3G Showing Fully Charged Icon when it is not

Recently I came across this weird problem on my iPhone that while charging the battery with the same wire and charger that I used to, it showed the fully charged icon on top right corner when it was still empty and charging.

It was a strange issue as I have been using my iPhone for over 3 years now and charging it the same way but I faced this issue for the first time and in the first couple of minutes it showed the same. At the first instance I thought it to be a temporary problem but I was surprised to see the same the next day too. Continue reading “[Solved] iPhone 3G Showing Fully Charged Icon when it is not”

How to Copy Cycorder Videos from iPhone to Computer without Wifi

Though iPhone doesn’t support video recording capability on its own but there is an app available in Cydia called Cycorder that can provide iPhone with video recording capability.

Now this is a major problem for all those people like me who doesn’t have a Wifi connectivity at home but wanted to take the backup of their Cycorder recorded videos. However we can easily transfer our cycorder videos from iPhone to PC without the need of Wifi or WinSCP tool.

I have many videos recorded from Cycorder in my iPhone and using the following method I can save them using only the USB cable and that too without Wifi and iTunes.


1.    You just need to download and install iPhone file explorer software like iPhone Browser (latest version recommended) or DiskAid (other link).

2.    Connect the iPhone via USB cable and run the software.

3.    Now navigate to the folder var/mobile/Media/Videos. You will see all the videos there in .mov extension.

4.    Right click on it and choose save as to save the file.

Now you can share your cycorder shot videos with anyone. The advantage of this method is that the file is copied at a faster rate than using Wifi.

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