How to Measure USB Drive’s Read and Write Speed

USB drives are the commonly used storage media today as these are very convenient and easy to use, and also because of their high storage capacity, everyone likes to use them. But there is one more factor which we people tends to ignore while purchasing one. It’s the speed that I am talking about. Yes, everyone likes faster drive and high reading and writing rates.

So what if you have already purchased a drive and don’t know its data read and write rate? Nothing, just use this simple utility from the website called The website is really useful in measuring the read and write speed of your drive but aims at benchmarking all of the USB flash drives across the world. Continue reading “How to Measure USB Drive’s Read and Write Speed”

Disable or Make your USB Ports Read Only in a Single Click

With the advent of USBs things have become very simple and comfortable. I remember working on floppy disks and other storage devices which were not that easy to use. But with comfort there comes sense of insecurity. USB devices can be used by anyone to transfer anything from the computer to the drive. What’s more, there is no way to tell who connected the drive to the system and for what purpose.

USBs can be used for bad purposes also whether willingly or unwillingly. Some one can connect a drive to your PC in your absence to transfer any of your confidential file or your children can bring in any computer virus through a USB device. Thus it is very important to keep a watch on your USB ports and the best way to do so is to block the USB ports or atleast make it read only. Continue reading “Disable or Make your USB Ports Read Only in a Single Click”

Transform your iPhone into USB Flash Drive with Phone Stick

This is the same problem to all the iPhone users, and being one I too have to face this. What I miss in my iPhone, the most, is the ability to transfer images and other data like a USB drive. iPhone needs to be synced with iTunes to be able to transfer data to and fro from it which is more like a restriction in case you are away from your system or at some system that do not have iTunes installed.

iTunes looks more like a restriction to me than a benefit, and to overcome this we have a tool called Phone Stick. As the name of the tool suggests, the tool turns your iPhone into a usb storage device which can be used freely as a USB pen drive to store images, music, videos and other things. Continue reading “Transform your iPhone into USB Flash Drive with Phone Stick”

Erase Traces of USB Drives and CD-ROM from Registry with USBOblivion

We tend to connect lot many USB drives and CDs into our computers and even have connected many of those till now. Whenever we connect the drive for the first time, our computer saves the information about it in the Registry so that we don’t have to wait again and again to load the drivers whenever we connect it the next.

There are quite a few tools to even check the info of the drives that has been connected in the past and believe me you will be surprised to see the list too. But either to clear this cached information to make the system lighter or to remove all the traces of the drives connected so far to make the system securer, you need a tool called USBOblivion. Continue reading “Erase Traces of USB Drives and CD-ROM from Registry with USBOblivion”

Check if someone has connected USB into your system

USB storage devices are commonly used storage devices these days. You can transmit any data by using this device. But what if someone connects it without your permission and takes away your precious data from your system. Usually in many organizations (offices, schools, etc.) it is prohibited to connect any mass storage device into the system without permission. So how will you get to know that if someone has connected one into your system or not?

The option available to you is to disable USB ports on your PC. However, it is not a good idea because you may need to connect your own USB anytime or you need USB ports to connect your Printers, Cameras etc. So now we have to find an alternative for this problem. Continue reading “Check if someone has connected USB into your system”

Recycle Bin for your Flash USB Drive

Human nature is to commit mistakes and sometimes we delete that data which is important to us. Though there is a recycle bin present on our system which acts as a life saver to us that somehow we can manage to restore file from the recycle bin. But what about deleting any media/file from a flash drive?

If we delete any file from a flash drive it doesn’t move to recycle bin and the file get deleted permanently and there are hardly any chances to recover it. So here we present a recycle bin for your flash drives known as iBin. iBin is a program which acts like a recycle bin for your flash drive. It means if you delete some data from a flash drive it will not get permanently deleted and will move to the iBin and you can easily restore the data by using this application. Continue reading “Recycle Bin for your Flash USB Drive”

Detect Fake USB Pen Drives

In today’s world there has been a high increase in usage of USB drives (pen drives, memory cards) which are very efficient and used to transfer data and storage. They have high storage capacities ranging starting 1 GB.

Now the issue is to check whether these low priced USBs are fake or worth purchasing. So to detect this, we have H2testw tool which can detect whether your USB is fake or not in few simple steps. This tool is free and can be utilized to test the faults in your USB. Since we use these drives for storage of data and may be because of these fake drives there are chances for losing data, so it would be better to examine your drive before storing or transferring any data. Continue reading “Detect Fake USB Pen Drives”

Free USB Ejector to Safely Remove any USB Drive

USB drives have started gradually replacing the disks and these are the preferred mode of data transfer these days because of their ease of use and rewriting capabilities. You must be aware of the fact that to eject a USB drive you need to safely remove it from the system else it may affect the data transfer in progress.

Safely removing the drive from the system is easy and can be done using the default Windows Safely Remove option but what if you are using around 3-4 USBs in your system like your camera, phone, memory card and pen drive, you are bound to get confused and may remove the wrong drive. Continue reading “Free USB Ejector to Safely Remove any USB Drive”

Transparent Desktop Clock for Windows

Desktop Clock is very useful in lot of ways; at least it is to me. Part from showing the time of not only current month but also of any future/past date, it also improves the look and feel of the desktop. If the clock is good looking then it improves how our desktop looks like, isn’t it?

Be it Windows Vista or Windows 7, every OS have a desktop clock by default which we can choose from among some limited options available, however they are more or less the same. Here is a desktop clock for Windows that looks really cool and different from others. It also improves the look of our desktop. Continue reading “Transparent Desktop Clock for Windows”

Prevent Files from being Copied from a CD/DVD

Have you ever seen a disc with copy protection? Right there are CDs that are copy protected that is from which we can’t copy any file. One of our readers also wanted to know how to copy protect data of a CD, well in case you also want to know how it is done, here is the info.

There are many reasons why you would want your CD/DVDs to be copy protected like to protect from piracy or just prevent the data you don’t want to be shared with others. To be able to copy protect a CD, you need a third party tool. I came across his free tool called WTM CD Protect, that can do this for you. Continue reading “Prevent Files from being Copied from a CD/DVD”

Scroll any Inactive Window with AlwaysMouseWheel

If you like working on your system with lots of windows open then this post will interest you. Say for instance, you have three windows open and you need to scroll to the bottom of the third window which is inactive and is in the background, what shall you do?

You will press the Alt + Tab buttons to make it active and then scroll with your mouse, isn’t it? But with the help of this small tool called AlwaysMouseWheel, you can save on few clicks. This tool enables you to directly scroll the window even if it is inactive. You just need to hover the mouse over the window and you can scroll it even it is inactive. Continue reading “Scroll any Inactive Window with AlwaysMouseWheel”

Backup DVD disc to ISO Image easily

Whether you have lot of DVD discs waiting for backup or if you just want to convert your DVD disc files into the ISO image file, you won’t find a simpler and free tool for this than the one mentioned below. Yes there are lot of tools available for this purpose online but not all of those are free to neither use nor simpler than this.

The tool is called BDlot DVD ISO Master, and what this tool does is it can backup any DVD to ISO image easily without any quality loss of video or audio and even it can burn an ISO image to a DVD disc too. It can save regular and encrypted DVD to ISO without support from a third party DVD decrypting software, as it has the ability to remove Continue reading “Backup DVD disc to ISO Image easily”