Check if someone has connected USB into your system

USB storage devices are commonly used storage devices these days. You can transmit any data by using this device. But what if someone connects it without your permission and takes away your precious data from your system. Usually in many organizations (offices, schools, etc.) it is prohibited to connect any mass storage device into the system without permission. So how will you get to know that if someone has connected one into your system or not?

The option available to you is to disable USB ports on your PC. However, it is not a good idea because you may need to connect your own USB anytime or you need USB ports to connect your Printers, Cameras etc. So now we have to find an alternative for this problem. Continue reading “Check if someone has connected USB into your system”

Specifically Disable USB Devices with Makesoft USB Manager

There are situations when we have some important and secure data on our computer which we need to protect from others from accessing it. While they can access the data through our USB ports easily, we can’t disable the USB ports as this will disable every other device that connects via USB.

There are few USB devices like storage devices such as pen drives, or USB printer, USB audio devices and USB scanners but we can’t disable the USB ports as disabling it will prevent these devices to connect. Thus with the help of this free tool called Makesoft USB Manager, we can specifically disable any of these device types and protect our data. Continue reading “Specifically Disable USB Devices with Makesoft USB Manager”