Make your Computer Speak whatever you Type

Wouldn’t it be good if your computer speaks to you? It would be fun if your computer can speak what you want it to, right? By default, our Windows have its own voice that can also be customized in the Control Panel of the system.

Whether just for fun, fooling your friends or just testing the system sound, you can make your computer speak whatever you type in the machine and that too without using any tool. There may be many tools available for this purpose but it would always be better if the same task can be done without using any and without the need of messing up the registry more. Continue reading “Make your Computer Speak whatever you Type”

Steps to Restore Missing Tabs in Display Properties

Wondering where your tabs in the display properties of the computer, gone? Similar was the problem faced by one of our readers. There can be many reasons for this problem like virus infection or some corrupt software that made some changes in your registry editor.

Many people are facing this problem and are shocked to see that there are no tabs in their display properties dialog of the computer, something they saw few days back. So without wasting any time, here goes the solution to fix this problem. Continue reading “Steps to Restore Missing Tabs in Display Properties”