Convert Audio and Video Files to any Format right on your Android Phone

For all the people out there who love to watch videos or listen to songs a lot, this post should prove to be quite helpful. Well, if you are entertainment lover then you know there are lot many audio and video formats that it sometimes become very irritating to find out that the file we have with us is not supported by our media player.

There are two options available as a solution to this problem, one that you install some media player that can play any codec (which is sort of impractical, seeing huge number of codecs present today) or install some converter that can convert a media from one format to another with ease. Continue reading “Convert Audio and Video Files to any Format right on your Android Phone”

Most popular Video Formats used

There have been so many video formats used today for viewing the videos or movies in our systems that it has become difficult to remember each of them. Using the right codec for viewing movies is important.

Thought of sharing a list of the commonly used video formats which will help you to identify which codec is used when (in no particular order). You must have heard/used most of them, if not in case, then you can easily know which format is best to use on the following scenarios: Continue reading “Most popular Video Formats used”

Manage Youtube Video Quality for all Videos

If you like watching videos online and especially on Youtube then you must have noticed that by default Youtube videos play in 360p video format which can be convenient to many users but not to everyone. Especially when you have a slow connection you would want to make this setting as 240p or lower.

Well changing this is quite uneasy if you are sure what you want the player to be, also Youtube don’t have any such option to modify the settings. You can login into your account and set the video loading option to be according to your internet speed but there is no option to set the video quality. Continue reading “Manage Youtube Video Quality for all Videos”