How to Download or Save Facebook Videos Instantly

Apart from reading stories of my friends and seeing their relationship status change from one state to another on Facebook, I also enjoy watching some videos that people share mostly kind of educational or entertainment ones. Sometimes the videos worth viewing again, and I feel that I should may be download it on my system.

If you think, you might also need to download the video and keep it with you then this post will be really helpful to you. Although there is no brainer in downloading a video from internet when we have lot many downloading websites or tools available, however the reason I am writing this post is to let you know the easiest way for the same. Continue reading “How to Download or Save Facebook Videos Instantly”

[Solved] No Sound in Youtube Video Problem

Youtube is one of the best video sharing/watching websites, so whether it is any tutorial to learn something, some solution to a problem or just for time pass, we watch lots of videos daily. Even these videos are shared on third party websites like Facebook.

But there is some issue that can happen to the youtube also, as faced by one of our readers. As reported by him, there was no sound coming from the videos was watching on Youtube while the sound was there on other applications like Skype. His machine also had the sound drivers installed. Continue reading “[Solved] No Sound in Youtube Video Problem”

Create GIF Images from your Videos on your Android

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a bitmap image format which supports 8 bits per pixel, supports animations and allows a separate palette of 256 colors for each frame. GIF is designed to allow users to define new blocks. You can convert a video in such a manner that your videos which are in MBs will convert into KBs. Wondering the relation between GIF images and movies? Read on.

If you share movies from your mobile it will use up all your bandwidth. If you have an Android phone, instead of sharing the whole movie, sharing it by converting it into GIFs is a much better option. A GIF file can be easily sent by phone in seconds and will not use much of your data bandwidth. In an Android phone you can convert a video/movie in animated GIFs by using app called GIFDroid. Continue reading “Create GIF Images from your Videos on your Android”

Convert your Photos into Video with PhotoFilmStrip

I like to join my photos to create a video as it gives a pleasing feel and also helps in creating some story. It was my graduation pics that I have converted into a video with some nostalgic audio to share with my friends.

Although I created the video using the default Windows Movie Maker but here is a cool tool that I came across recently called the PhotoFilmStrip. As the name suggests, PhotoFilmStrip is a tool that can be used to convert your photos into a video having some cool effects and audio. Continue reading “Convert your Photos into Video with PhotoFilmStrip”

Stabilize Shaky Videos with Youtube

Recently I was required to record videos for an event but since I didn’t have a tripod at that time I ended up with a video having hand shake/camera shake which obviously don’t look good when you watch them later.

But the event was over and I had no choice to record it again, so what I had was the non-stabilized video of the event which I had to stabilize anyhow. There are many tools to do so but none of them is free and have one or the other restrictions with it. Continue reading “Stabilize Shaky Videos with Youtube”

Avidemux: Free tool to Crop Videos

I have some videos with the extra lines and bars on the top/bottom or the left/right sides. Had these been photos, I would have easily cropped them but I had very limited choice since these were video files.

I came across a free tool called Avidemux, using which you can crop videos easily and remove black bars/lines at the edges of the video. All you have to do is, download and install the tool which is supported on Windows, Linux and Mac. Continue reading “Avidemux: Free tool to Crop Videos”

Manage Youtube Video Quality for all Videos

If you like watching videos online and especially on Youtube then you must have noticed that by default Youtube videos play in 360p video format which can be convenient to many users but not to everyone. Especially when you have a slow connection you would want to make this setting as 240p or lower.

Well changing this is quite uneasy if you are sure what you want the player to be, also Youtube don’t have any such option to modify the settings. You can login into your account and set the video loading option to be according to your internet speed but there is no option to set the video quality. Continue reading “Manage Youtube Video Quality for all Videos”

Create Video Tutorials and Presentations using Wink

I have been watching lot of videos about how to use specific software or how to use certain option in tool like Photoshop as these videos make you learn these easily and faster. Well if you also want to create some tutorials like these that help others in learning a tool, then you can do this easily.

Recently I came across this free tool called Wink that is a tutorial and presentation creation software, primarily aimed at creating tutorials on how to use software (like a tutor for MS-Word/Excel etc). We can use this tool to capture screenshots, add explanations boxes, buttons, titles etc and thus create an useful tutorial for the users to see and learn. Continue reading “Create Video Tutorials and Presentations using Wink”

Convert your Facebook Photos into Videos into a single Video

I like uploading lot of pics and videos to my Facebook account, some of my personal pics while others are the Photography pics that I click. FB is a cool way to share your images with others for them to see and appreciate. There is one another way of flaunting your pics by converting them into videos.

To be able to do this, you just need to make sure that you have already uploaded the pics on to your FB account as the application that creates the video woks only on the pics uploaded. The app is called Masher and is accessible with your facebook account. Using the app is a simple 3 step process which you can do easily. Continue reading “Convert your Facebook Photos into Videos into a single Video”

Search File Hosting Websites with FilesTube

Having hard time in searching a file that is quite famous and hosted on the file hosting websites? There are lot many free file hosting websites like Rapidshare, MegaUpload etc that searching for a file becomes bit difficult.

If you like downloading movies, games etc a lot then you must have experienced how much tedious it was to find the links of the files hosted at these places. With the help of another free search website called FilesTube you can search your favourite file easily. This web service is one of the most popular file search services available to us. Continue reading “Search File Hosting Websites with FilesTube”

Record or Download Online Streaming Videos Automatically

With lots and lots of videos uploaded on Youtube and other video sharing sites like Hulu, we may need to download or record some videos that appeal most to us or those we like the most. Since the videos are embedded in the web browser, these can’t be downloaded directly but there are certain online websites using which we can download these for free.

One such online web service is the StreamTransport which is almost similar to the ones around but with some good features. You need to download the app and install it in the system and rest it will do for you. So whenever next time you need to download the videos, just start this app and it shall detect the video download link for you automatical Continue reading “Record or Download Online Streaming Videos Automatically”

Download HD Videos from Youtube with Youtube Snagger

Youtube is the most popular video sharing site today and holds loads of videos. Even most of your favourite videos can also be found on Youtube. So it is very common if you need to save a video with you for repeated playback.

Videos from Youtube can be downloaded in many ways like using some desktop clients or using the websites like but with this called Youtube Snagger you can even download the video in HD format too. Continue reading “Download HD Videos from Youtube with Youtube Snagger”