Steps to Remove Trojan.Agent Virus

Recently I was asked by one our readers whose computer was infected by this Virus called Trojan.Agent. This is a virus type that belongs to the Trojan virus family. The virus is mostly found in the svchost.exe file of the computer. It is a very potential virus and should be removed as soon as you detect it.

How to detect if your system has Trojan.Agent Virus?

• The weirdest thing that you will notice is that your Anti Virus would stop functioning. This virus has the ability to stop the AV from its proper functioning.
• Your system will get severely affected and would get extremely slow for no reasons.
• You might see some unexpected computer shutdowns or restarts.
• Then when if you scan your system with Mbam (highly advisable tool to have in the system), it will detect it and might delete it. But do note that Trojan.Agent virus might return back after the computer has been restarted.
• The virus can act as backdoor agent to many hackers to provide some confidential information. Continue reading “Steps to Remove Trojan.Agent Virus”

Re-enable Services and Windows Features Disabled by Virus Instantly

If you have been working on a Windows machine for some time now, you must have come across many computer virus attacks till now. Also you might be knowing what the system status is, after each attack. There are many different kind of computer virus and malware, each having their own type of adverse effect on the computer. Even if you have successfully removed the virus from your system, your computer might be struggling.

Most of these viruses affects computer and disables many Windows programs like Folder Options, Registry Editor, cmd and other features. Even if you have removed the virus from your system, these features are disabled and need to be re-enabled back before they can be used again. But a normal computer user can’t re-enable them back as these involve complex registry operations, even there is no surety that it would get fixed. Continue reading “Re-enable Services and Windows Features Disabled by Virus Instantly”

Scan a Suspicious File with 31 Online Scanners Automatically

With the increasing threat of online attackers and the computer virus infection, we need to stay updated and safe to protect our data. Although we all like to have a good Anti-Virus installed in our system but it is also not enough sometimes and require constant update of virus definitions else the tool might prove useless.

It is not always possible to scan the system and a suspicious file with the system scanner. What about some tool that can handle all this process for you? Wouldn’t it be great if some tool submits the suspicious file to the Anti-Virus companies for the scan automatically? Here is one such tool called X-Ray developed by Raymond that will help you a lot. Continue reading “Scan a Suspicious File with 31 Online Scanners Automatically”

Remove FLAMER Malware with Bit Defender

These days you must have come across words like Flamer, Flame or Flamy. Actually these words are not related to fire, these words are the actual name of the latest virus threat on internet. Most of the companies consider it as a malware. Though the malware has been discovered recently, but it is infecting systems since 2010.

This is one of the most sophisticated threats encountered on the Internet till day that had put many antivirus companies in trouble. If you compare this malware with other related malwares such as Stuxnet or so, you will find that the size of this malware is 20MB and that of Stuntex is 500KB which proves its complexity. Continue reading “Remove FLAMER Malware with Bit Defender”

Fix Safe Mode not working with Safe Mode Fixer

When something goes wrong with the normal account, you may wish to enter the Windows Safe Mode to have more admin control but I have seen that certain times, even safe mode fail to load and therefore does not work. This was the same issue with one of our readers, who wanted to fix the issue of safe mode not working.

Owing to the following situations, your safe mode which has been working till now may stop working and fail to load. The situations are described at MS KB page:

• A mass storage driver (SCSI or IDE) is damaged or has been accidentally removed. Continue reading “Fix Safe Mode not working with Safe Mode Fixer”

Solution to lsass.exe System Error

This was the error message faced by one of our readers that immediately after the system boot up, there popped an error message reading “lsass.exe System Error” with an OK button clicking on which shuts down the system. The system restarts again with the same error message.

Cause of the problem:
There can be 2 reasons for the problem, either virus infection or the registry corruption. Continue reading “Solution to lsass.exe System Error”

Protect against I Love.exe You Virus

There are lot of virus infecting the computer and thereby reducing the privacy of the users. We already have an instance of I Love You.exe virus earlier but this year on 14th Feb that is on Valentine’s day, there came an another instance of the virus named I Love.exe You virus.

The malware asks the users to click on some links, which on clicking installs Trojans in the system. When you run it, nothing visible happens, but it has installed itself in your computer. What for? Well, this is a RAT (Remote Access Trojan) that will give access to your computer and all your personal Continue reading “Protect against I Love.exe You Virus”

Autorun feature Disabled by Microsoft in Windows XP, 2000 and Vista

Microsoft Windows’ one of the interesting feature was the Autorun feature that was responsible for the default action to be performed automatically whenever you insert a drive. Say you have inserted a USB pen drive and the default action for it was to open the contents, Autorun feature helped it to open the drive automatically.

However as you may know, this feature was also exploited the most by the virus makers. You must have known about the file created by virus called Autorun.inf. Thus seeing this vulnerability Microsoft had decided to shut down this feature. Continue reading “Autorun feature Disabled by Microsoft in Windows XP, 2000 and Vista”

First Computer Virus and First Antivirus?

Ever wondered in this age of computer viruses which was the first Windows computer virus? There are so many computer viruses today that combating them is not at all possible without the use of a good Antivirus.

Here is an interesting share (via thewindowsclub) that discusses the world’s first Windows virus and antivirus. To the surprise of most of you, the first computer virus was known as Brain Virus and was reported to be created in Pakistan in 1986. Brain was a boot sector virus and only infected 360k floppy disks. Continue reading “First Computer Virus and First Antivirus?”

Steps to Remove Chrome.exe Virus

One of our readers was facing the issues in his system due to this virus called Chrome.exe. Although it usually is a setup file that is used to install Chrome browser but this can be a virus file if found in other locations than expected.

How Chrome.exe virus affects

The worm is found to spread itself through online messengers and internet. It also emails some link to all the people in the contact list asking to click on the link thereby downloading the worm.

It also downloads other malware and it will also attempt to propagate via the means of creating copies of itself onto removable devices such as USB flash and hard drives. Continue reading “Steps to Remove Chrome.exe Virus”

Change File and Folder Attributes Instantly with Attribute Changer

Whether your computer is infected by virus or you just wish to change the attributes of the files you have, you can do this easily. What if your files that were present in the pen drive have become hidden (read this post) and you are planning to unhide them one by one?

Well you don’t need to change the attributes of the files present in your system one by one, rather use this tool called Attribute Changer (thanks to our reader Nasim for letting us know). With this tool you can not only change the attributes of as many files as you like but also change the attribute of folders as well. Continue reading “Change File and Folder Attributes Instantly with Attribute Changer”

How to Remove Astig.vbs Virus

One of our readers reported of having this malware called Astig.vbs and was facing problems due to this. So if this malware has also infected your system then here are the steps that you need to perform to get it removed.


1.    Run Task Manager, and kill all the processes related to astig.vbs

2.    Permanently delete the astig.vbs file from the drives. If you know the location then delete it from there else search the file in the drives and delete it. Continue reading “How to Remove Astig.vbs Virus”