How to Reset or Delete OK Google Voice Search Detection in Android/Samsung

Google App in Android has this cool feature where you can search anything on google and even call or send texts using the Voice Search feature called as OK Google. But strangely, in my phone this wasn’t working as it wasn’t recognizing my voice. It happened when one day my friend got hold of my phone and he setup his own voice which led my phone to detect mine lol.

So I am going to share how you can delete or retrain your OK Google voice search detection in case it isn’t working for you as well. Continue reading “How to Reset or Delete OK Google Voice Search Detection in Android/Samsung”

Google Launches Conversational Search on New Chrome Browser

If you are some kind of person who likes to sit back and relax then this news would definitely interest you. With the latest version of Chrome released this week, Google had also launched a new search feature called as “Conversational Search”. If you have already updated to the new Chrome browser then you can start using the search right away.

As shown in the screenshot below you can see there is a small microphone icon in the search field, clicking on which will initiate your conversational search. The icon has been here for quite some time now but earlier it was only a “Voice Search” and not the conversational search. There is a difference between the two as voice search lets you speak to search while Google display the results in text, on the other side, Conversational Search lets you speak to Google and the results are not only displayed but Google also speaks them back for you, as if you are chatting. Continue reading “Google Launches Conversational Search on New Chrome Browser”