Steps to Remove regsvr.exe Virus

There are so many types of computer viruses in this world that removing them and finding a specific solution for each of them is a big ask. One such virus that screwed me is regsvr.exe classified as a W32.Imaut worm.

It has become a daily routine that when I plug my pen drive in my college systems (full of all kinds of viruses), it gets infected by the viruses instantly. Though the Anti Virus I use (Symantec) successfully detects and remove them but I feel that I should discuss the steps to remove regsvr.exe virus.

What the regsvr.exe virus does?

•    This worm creates folders and a registry entry to enable its automatic execution at every system startup.

•    This worm also creates a scheduled task to enable its automatic execution at a specified date and/or time.

•    It also creates Autorun.inf file for its auto execution. Continue reading “Steps to Remove regsvr.exe Virus”