How to Open WebPages from Firefox to Chrome

In previous article we have shown the method to limit your tabs in Firefox with Max Tabs extension that restricts the opening of further tabs if the set limit is exceeded. I have found that though this extension helps us to prevent the browser from getting messed up but if you need to open extra tabs with Max Tabs extension ON, this will definitely create a problem for you.

So for this, what you can do is to transfer some of the WebPages from Firefox to Chrome browser. But it will be a little hectic for you to copy the link location from Firefox and then paste it to Chrome to get it opened. Hence to solve this problem, you should add an extension in Firefox which is known as Chrome View. Continue reading “How to Open WebPages from Firefox to Chrome”

How to Download Files from a Webpage in One Go (chrome)

In today’s time, we don’t like to wait, neither for downloading any file from internet or for loading a webpage. But when it comes to downloading files from a webpage, whether it is document, photographs, spreadsheets or songs, we can’t change the system of downloading files from a page one by one.

If we have to download multiple files we have to click on them one by one to download all of them because each file has a different download link. You need an extension or software to download multiple files at the same time. Download Master is that extension which can help you to download any number of files present on a webpage simultaneously. Continue reading “How to Download Files from a Webpage in One Go (chrome)”

Highlight Webpages with Highlighter Pen

Today we all are dependent on internet. We surf internet, gather information related to various topics and use them for different projects as well as to enhance our knowledge. It happens a lot of time, while surfing we find something unique and would like to share with our friends. Usually we save that webpage or take a screenshot of it and e-mail it to our friends to take a look. But it is difficult to tell them exactly what you want to show them. Of course you can select text from the webpage and copy it to “Notepad” or “Word” and send it to them, but it is a lengthy process.

So for this you can use, A Yellow Highlighter Pen for Webpages. In our school days we often used a highlighter to mark important points in those long and boring chapters. does the same in case of webpages. It is an extension which is currently supported by Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers. When you install this extension you can simply highlight important text in a webpage by clicking on the icon and by using your mouse.  Continue reading “Highlight Webpages with Highlighter Pen”

Convert Webpage in an E-Book

In today’s world almost everyone rely on e-Books as they are handy and can be stored in our hand-held devices. Neither you have to spend huge amount to purchase them nor have to increase the weight of your luggage while travelling. You can use it wherever you want as per your convenience.

Same is the case related to Webpages. When you are reading a Webpage, there may be an issue of electricity or you have to go somewhere that is why you have to switch off your desktop. So today we are going to tell you that how you can convert a Webpage into E-Book. Continue reading “Convert Webpage in an E-Book”

Download all Images on a Webpage in a Click

Say, you are watching certain images on a webpage and you wish to download them all then what you would do? Download them one by one? This would surely take lot of your time. There is a add-on for all the Firefox users using which they can download all the images in a webpage at once with just a click.

The plug-in is called as Image Download ii, and what it does is, it saves all images in current page or multiple pages by one click, with dimension filter, file type filter, loaded status Continue reading “Download all Images on a Webpage in a Click”