Monitor Website Status for Downtime with StatusCake

Being a webmaster, I understand how important it is for all the blog/website owners to keep their website running and free from any downtime. Since the web servers are electronic they tend to go down some or the other time, thereby affecting the website owners and the traffic. Whenever some web server goes down, every webmaster needs to contact their web space admins to get it fixed so that they can reduce the downtime but for this they first need to know instantly whenever their website goes down.

Since it is not possible for every blogger or the web admin to monitor their website every now and then, they should make use of the online free website monitoring services available on internet. While we have written about Pingdom earlier, here is another yet free website monitoring service called StatusCake. Continue reading “Monitor Website Status for Downtime with StatusCake”

Receive SMS on your Mobile whenever your Website goes Down

You may own a blog, website or a microblog but managing it is not that easy. If you own one of these then you must have known how important it is to take immediate actions whenever your website server goes down so that you don’t lose any of your precious visitors.

How do you monitor your website? Do you keep checking it again and again, or have someone to notify you whenever it goes down? In either case, it is just waste of time and effort. Wouldn’t it be great if there is any tool or application that notifies you whenever your website goes down? Continue reading “Receive SMS on your Mobile whenever your Website goes Down”

Block Websites to Stay Focused while Working (Chrome)

There are so many websites that we visit regularly. Google, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter are some of the websites that you visit the most. Sometimes we just get involved in these websites that we even forget our other important tasks that may harm our job and profession.

I have seen people that they frequently switch from their work to social networking websites in order to check their notifications, messages, emails etc. How about if you get a reminder which will let you know that it is already 10 minutes that you are using Facebook you should now do your work 😀 Continue reading “Block Websites to Stay Focused while Working (Chrome)”

Make Animated Looping Favicon like TS

I remember the day when I decided to start this blog and for that I also had to make some cool favicon for self. I had designed many favicons for my blog but changed them from time to time as I wanted to have some favicon that suited my blog better thus it was this animated looping favicon which I designed.

In case if you don’t know what a Favicon is, it is a small icon that appears on your address bar of the browser when you visit a website, for instance our blue colored animated icon T and S that appears one after other. Continue reading “Make Animated Looping Favicon like TS”

Check the Load Time and Speed of a Website

If you own a website or a blog, then you must know how important it is to have a fast loading website. Any website that opens slow or has a low speed of loading is sure to lose traffic as none of the viewers like to wait much.

It is estimated that if a page doesn’t load within 5-8 seconds you will lose 1/3 of your visitors. Thus it is very important to keep the website fast so that it takes a little time to load and display the entire page properly. Checking a website for speed and load time is not difficult, all you need is a third party service that checks it. Continue reading “Check the Load Time and Speed of a Website”

Free Countdown Timer Code for Werbsite

Have you been blogging or managing a website? In case you are then you must have come across certain occasions when you wanted to place a countdown timer widget on your web page waiting for some occasion or some time period to end.

There are occasions when you wish to place a countdown timer on your website so that you can let your visitors know about something that is going to end soon. There are many web services that can provide you with the code and in different ways too but here are the two that I liked the most of them. Continue reading “Free Countdown Timer Code for Werbsite”

Block Website using Right Click Context Menu in IE

It happens sometimes that while browsing the internet we come across a website that we don’t want to visit. What we do is block it instantly, but with this registry file we can add an entry in the right click context menu so that we can block the website instantly before closing it.

Blocking some particular website is a good way to ensure that we don’t come to see that website again but this process is bit long so with this reg file called BlockThisSite (developed by winhelponline), we can add an entry in the right click context menu, so that we can block a website with just a click. Continue reading “Block Website using Right Click Context Menu in IE”

Ping and Test your Internet Connection or Web Address

If you are facing some problems in accessing any website then it might be that problem is either with your Internet connection or with the web address you are trying to access. You may need to test either of these to get to know what the actual problem is.

With the help of this tool called WinPing, you can not only ping and test your internet connection but also check if the website is up or down, thereby informing you where the actual problem lies. While pinging the web address if you leave the address blank then it will ping your local machine but to ping the web addresses you need to provide the valid site name or hostnames. Continue reading “Ping and Test your Internet Connection or Web Address”

Check your Website Response Time for Increasing Traffic Load

If you own a website then you should know the importance of its response time for different amount of traffic load on the server. Here is a simple test that can give you some estimate, if not actual data, for the response time of your website.

With the help of a site called Load Impact you can test the traffic load on your site and the time taken to load for different amount of traffic. I run the same test on mine and the result was satisfactory. Continue reading “Check your Website Response Time for Increasing Traffic Load”

Blacklist URLs from Appearing in Google Search Results

There are lots of websites that we don’t want to visit or see in the search results page but wouldn’t it be great if we could block those websites so that they do not appear any more in the search query?

If you are a Google Chrome user then there is an extension for you using which you could block any URL from appearing in the Google search result. The extension is called Google Blacklist and this extension is used to block or mark unwanted Google results. Continue reading “Blacklist URLs from Appearing in Google Search Results”

Verify Website’s Genuineness before Opening

There are lot of web sites in the world and of this big number constitutes the sites that are fraud. These sites can infect your computer or hack your secret info like the passwords; therefore it is advisable to check out its ratings before opening.

There is a toolbar called Browser Defender that allows you to surf safely by displaying site ratings as you browse the internet. Since it is a toolbar, no software installation is required. Whether you open a web site directly or through Google, you can know about its security ratings easily similar to the Site Advisor. Continue reading “Verify Website’s Genuineness before Opening”