[Solved] Windows Explorer crashes on Right Click

If you have been using Windows for some time now then you must have come across this situation that when you right click, your explorer crashes with some error message and you will have to either login back or manually start the Explorer.exe process from the Task Manager.

One of our readers was also facing this problem, thus here is a solution that has been found working for many users. We will first find out why his problem first occurred below Continue reading “[Solved] Windows Explorer crashes on Right Click”

Backup Registry Automatically when an Application make some changes

Registry is the main area of our computer that controls its proper working and some invalid changes in it can lead to unstable system. Thus it is very important to know which registry is being modified when you install any application.

We recommend you to backup your registry before making any changes to it, but there are occasions when some application access it and make some changes without your notice. This can be dangerous if the tool make the changes that can lead to unstable system. Continue reading “Backup Registry Automatically when an Application make some changes”

[Solved] Windows showing same Desktop and Program File Icons

One of our readers was facing this problem in his Windows 7 system that all the programs in his system showed the same icon (of Yahoo Messenger in his case) and on clicking which opens the Yahoo Messenger. But on navigating the actual installed program and double clicking it from there, started the actual program.

If you are also seeing the same icons for all the programs in your system then this solution will help you. The reason why this problem occurred is that the default startup for the .lnk extension (which act as the startup shortcut) were replaced by this some new program (as YM in this case). Continue reading “[Solved] Windows showing same Desktop and Program File Icons”

RegCool: Boolean Search Tool for Information in your Registry

Registry settings are like the spine of the computer as these are the settings that keep the computer managed. If any of the settings are changed then it may result in improper functioning of the system as well.

But there are times when we need to make some changes in the registry and it would be very difficult for you if you know nothing about the changes that you are going to make. With the help of the tool called RegCool, you can find all the info about your registry keys. Continue reading “RegCool: Boolean Search Tool for Information in your Registry”

Jump to Registry Keys Directly with Registry Jumper

Sometimes it becomes very important to do some changes in the registry but there are two ways of doing that. One is you directly run the VB script and import the settings to the registry or just navigate to the actual location and modify the registry there manually.

While the first method is easy, second one is not that simple and is also time consuming. What if you have not much information about the registry settings, in that case registry tweak can Continue reading “Jump to Registry Keys Directly with Registry Jumper”

Monitor Registry Changes with RegFromApp

Whenever an application is installed it makes certain changes in the registry and it is difficult to detect which registries were affected with that.

So to ensure the registry changed we have a tool called RegFromApp that can monitor the registry changes made by the application. RegFromApp monitors the Registry changes made by the application that you selected, and creates a standard RegEdit registration file (.reg) that contains all the Registry changes made by the application. You can use the Continue reading “Monitor Registry Changes with RegFromApp”

Uninstall a Program completely with Install Tracer

We install many applications into our system for our purpose and uninstall them when our work is over and if the application is not needed.

But did you know that there are many changes that the application does while installation procedure? Uninstalling the software does not always remove all the files stored by it. The installation utility adds some files to your system, replaces other files, and changes elements of the Registry and essential INI files. Continue reading “Uninstall a Program completely with Install Tracer”

Open .Reg File without Confirmation

There are times when we wish to make certain changes in the Registry of our Windows but to do that we can either edit the registry manually or use a .reg file that will do the work itself.

While editing registry manually is bit tiresome and require some precaution, using the .reg registry file is easy and does the work itself.

To use the .reg file we need to double click on it and then click OK to the confirmation prompt but here is a cool trick that can prevent the confirmation dialog and we can run the .reg file directly. Continue reading “Open .Reg File without Confirmation”

Information on Windows Registry

Almost all of us have come across this term “Windows Registry” and many of us have even done some changes in it but without knowing what it is and what it does. Also many posts of mine include registry editing but none tells you what actually a registry is.

Windows Registry

The Windows Registry is the most important component of a computer and is responsible for its proper working. It is a directory that stores settings and other things for Microsoft’s Windows operating systems. This directory contains all the information and settings used by all the hardware and software installed in the system. In short, the registry is what that stores all the important information about the computer’s operating system and other software and hardware.

Registry Hive

A registry hive is a group of keys, sub keys and values in the registry that has a set of supporting files storing data. While Registry Keys are similar to Continue reading “Information on Windows Registry”