Uninstall Windows from Computer having Multiple Instances

If you have been using Windows for some time then probably you must have seen some or the other computer having multiple instances of Windows installed. It is sometimes important to have more than one copy of Windows installed in the computer, may be check the hardware of your machine or just to use the other OS.

But uninstalling one of these is not very easy and especially if you are not geeky enough, then you would find it difficult to delete one of the copies of the Windows OS. As we need to update the Boot loader also so that it doesn’t show the OS listings the next time you boot. Continue reading “Uninstall Windows from Computer having Multiple Instances”

Fix various Windows Problems with Windows Repair

If you have been using Windows OS for some time now, then you must have come across one of the famous Windows issues like registry errors, file permissions, problems with Internet Explorer, etc. Whenever there is a malware attack, the first thing that it does is disabling the registry and admin links.

A virus attack can easily change the Windows settings and thus you need to get them back. One way is to reinstall Windows and format the system but this is the most tiresome method and we don’t want every user to do this. Continue reading “Fix various Windows Problems with Windows Repair”

Transparent Desktop Clock for Windows

Desktop Clock is very useful in lot of ways; at least it is to me. Part from showing the time of not only current month but also of any future/past date, it also improves the look and feel of the desktop. If the clock is good looking then it improves how our desktop looks like, isn’t it?

Be it Windows Vista or Windows 7, every OS have a desktop clock by default which we can choose from among some limited options available, however they are more or less the same. Here is a desktop clock for Windows that looks really cool and different from others. It also improves the look of our desktop. Continue reading “Transparent Desktop Clock for Windows”

Scroll any Inactive Window with AlwaysMouseWheel

If you like working on your system with lots of windows open then this post will interest you. Say for instance, you have three windows open and you need to scroll to the bottom of the third window which is inactive and is in the background, what shall you do?

You will press the Alt + Tab buttons to make it active and then scroll with your mouse, isn’t it? But with the help of this small tool called AlwaysMouseWheel, you can save on few clicks. This tool enables you to directly scroll the window even if it is inactive. You just need to hover the mouse over the window and you can scroll it even it is inactive. Continue reading “Scroll any Inactive Window with AlwaysMouseWheel”

Backup DVD disc to ISO Image easily

Whether you have lot of DVD discs waiting for backup or if you just want to convert your DVD disc files into the ISO image file, you won’t find a simpler and free tool for this than the one mentioned below. Yes there are lot of tools available for this purpose online but not all of those are free to neither use nor simpler than this.

The tool is called BDlot DVD ISO Master, and what this tool does is it can backup any DVD to ISO image easily without any quality loss of video or audio and even it can burn an ISO image to a DVD disc too. It can save regular and encrypted DVD to ISO without support from a third party DVD decrypting software, as it has the ability to remove Continue reading “Backup DVD disc to ISO Image easily”

Windows 8 to launch in Sept 2011 at the BUILD

Excited about the upcoming Windows OS? Well if you have liked the Windows 7 then you are sure to like the next upcoming Windows OS called Windows 8. While Microsoft had not revealed the date when it is going to launch the Windows 8 officially but here is some good news for the people who are actually waiting for it.

Build is a new event that is going to take place in September 2011 and it is where the new OS will be launched officially. The event starts at 13th September and it, surely is the date to watch out for. Continue reading “Windows 8 to launch in Sept 2011 at the BUILD”

Customize My Computer and Control Panel items with Companel

My Computer and Control Panel contain items that are set by Windows by default, and there is no option of customizing them in Windows. Then what if we need to change some of the items from My Computer and Control Panel?

Adding or removing some of the items in the Control panel and the My Computer is not difficult any more. With the tool called Companel, you can easily customize the items present in the My Computer and Control Panel by either adding new items or removing those already present. Continue reading “Customize My Computer and Control Panel items with Companel”

Change Desktop Icon Size easily with Deskview

I have seen lot of people who like to put every file or folder on their desktop rather than classifying them in some drive. If you also fall in this category then here is something that will help you in adding more files on your desktop, yes you heard it right!

With this tool called Deskview, you can easily change the icon size of your desktop icons such that they appear to be as in List View thereby making more space for you to add more files on your desktop. Deskview changes your icon size back and forth to small and default. Continue reading “Change Desktop Icon Size easily with Deskview”

Get your Windows Start Menu to Open with Animation

Windows’ Start Menu which has all the important options is a static menu that opens instantly when clicked on the Windows button. What you can do is improve the way it opens to something interesting to give a better and cool look to the system.

With a small and free app called Startmenu Animation, you can add the animation effects to the Start Menu so that the menu will now open in a slow and animated fashion. What you all need to do is just download this app, double click and run it to have this effect enabled. Continue reading “Get your Windows Start Menu to Open with Animation”

View HTML Code of any Webpage with WinHtmlDump

If there is some website or a webpage that has attracted your attention and you wish to see its HTML code, then what you usually do? You go to file menu of the browser and select the View HTML code option.

Although this practice is not that bad, but there are better ways of doing the same thing. Here is a tool called WinHtmlDump that is specifically meant to serve this purpose. The tool is nothing but a core HTML code viewer that helps you to view the HTML code of any webpage even without opening it. Continue reading “View HTML Code of any Webpage with WinHtmlDump”

Free Giveaway: One Full Licensed Partition Assistant Professional Edition

For all those who are looking for a free and reliable partition manager for Windows, this article shall help a lot. The tool I am reviewing here is called the Partition Assistant which is a completely free partition manager software for Windows.

Partition Assistant allows you to manage partition, redistribute disk space easily, and you can use it to perform more complicated partition operations on your hard disk, like the commercial Partition Magic. Partition Assistant comes in two variants, Home Edition and Professional Edition. Continue reading “Free Giveaway: One Full Licensed Partition Assistant Professional Edition”

Delay Start Services in Windows

You must have known this by now that you boot up Windows, there are many services that run in the background. When you open services menu, you could actually see what services are running, are disabled from running or are scheduled to run.

Yes you read that right, there is a new option in Windows (starting Windows Vista) that you can configure some services in Windows to delay start. Well not many people have known this, so thought of sharing the info with all. Continue reading “Delay Start Services in Windows”