How to Fix WordPress not Showing Most Recent Post on Homepage

I recently moved to a new hosting provider and did all the migration myself. From backups to installation entire process went smooth but this day when I came to know that my new post (also known as most recent post) isn’t showing up on the homepage of the blog. This was strange to me as when I opened the post from the link it displayed to me as normal. Continue reading “How to Fix WordPress not Showing Most Recent Post on Homepage”

Backup WordPress Automatically to any Location

With increasing insecurities day by day, no website is safe. Imagine you logging into your site to see some creepy message, that time it would be the backup that you will need the maximum and in case you forgot to backup this time, then all the progress made over the last backup will be gone.

Backup is one thing that can save any website and the webmaster’s hard work. But the problem with them can be, they may find taking the manual backup very boring and tedious. I know many people who are looking for a good automatic backup service that can automatically backup their blog to some central or local location. Continue reading “Backup WordPress Automatically to any Location”

[What to Do] Text Disappears from WordPress Text Box in Single Post

This one goes for all the webmasters out there and especially for those who are using the WordPress as their blogging platform. WordPress is used by most people to power their blog and I am also using the same for mine.

I have been using it for a long time now and never came across this weird issue but it was about 2 weeks back when I started seeing this issue. Whenever I open a post for editing or a draft for updating, I don’t see any text in the text box. The text seems to be disappeared from the text box while the Title of the post was still there. Continue reading “[What to Do] Text Disappears from WordPress Text Box in Single Post”

Install Extension for Chrome

It doesn’t matter if you are a WordPress user or not, whether you are blogger or not, now you can get all the notifications from instantly in your Chrome browser. All this can be done by installing a Extension for Chrome. As I said it doesn’t matter if you are a blogger or not, this extension can be used by everyone.

As the name of this extension states, the main purpose of this extension is to view notifications but along with that you can use it to follow sites and to start new blog posts quickly from Chrome toolbar itself. Continue reading “Install Extension for Chrome”

WordAds by WordPress: Adsense alternative?

If you are a blogger and have a WordPress blog then you might be already aware of the news. WordPress, day before yesterday, announced the launch of WordAds which is its new ad service that can be used by WordPress blog owners as an Adsense alternative.

While Google’s Adsense have been with us till date and is the first choice for all the bloggers across the globe, we will have to see how this WordAds service turns up. The service is for the blog owners with the users who can sign up with this ad service and use it on their blog. Continue reading “WordAds by WordPress: Adsense alternative?”

Steps to Disable New User Registration on WordPress Blog

All those admin who run a wordpress blog like me might have faced this problem of receiving spam new user registration on the blog. I have been getting notifications for the new user registration in my blog lately but it came as a surprise to me when one day I received 17 new registrations.

Of course, this should not happen as it poses security threat to the blog. I will share a way how I stopped the spammers to register themselves as a new user subscriber in my blog.


1.    Open your blog cPanel and click PHPMyAdmin link in it. Continue reading “Steps to Disable New User Registration on WordPress Blog”

WordPress Blogs under Attack by a Computer Worm

All those WordPress blogs that are not updated to the latest version available are under a severe threat of being attacked by a computer worm sooner or later.


Only the self hosted WordPress blogs are under this attack and not the ones that are hosted at The latest version available as of today is the 2.8.4 and those not operating on it are sincerely advised to upgrade. Continue reading “WordPress Blogs under Attack by a Computer Worm”

[solved] 404 Error After Update or Save Post in WordPress

I don’t know from where it started but I was facing this problem that whenever I updated an earlier posted article in my WordPress blog the post just redirected to my website’s page showing 404 error.

The problem didn’t happen for a new post saved but occurred every time I updated an older post. After hitting the save button, the URL to which I get redirected was

However it should have been

This is how I fixed my problem: Continue reading “[solved] 404 Error After Update or Save Post in WordPress”

Solution to Flash Uploader Not Working Problem

If you are using WordPress or any application working on Flash to upload the files and images then you might have encountered this strange problem one day or the other. Flash Uploader is a great utility that enables us to upload any no. of files conveniently in one go. No doubt the Flash Uploader is far better than the Browser Uploader in which we have to manually upload each file each time.

What happens in this problem is that when we click on the “Flash Uploader” button, it does nothing and then we have to revert to the Browser Uploader. This problem has left me wondering as once I used to use the Flash Uploader and now, suddenly, it has stopped working. Continue reading “Solution to Flash Uploader Not Working Problem”