Convert or Import Excel sheet to Access Database

One of our readers wanted to know how to convert the excel .xls spreadsheet into the MS Access .accdb file with all the tables remaining as it is in the Access file. If you also work between the two files and wanted to know the same procedure then here is way how it is done.


1.    Create a new Access database file on your desktop or into a folder which will serve as the target file for us.

2.    Open this access file, go to the External Data tab and click Continue reading “Convert or Import Excel sheet to Access Database”

Convert PDF to Word Doc and Excel Xls file

Editing .pdf file is not easy, right? Keeping this in mind and to be able to let our readers easily convert the pdf file to Word .doc or Excel .xls format, here is a cool solution.

Convert PDF to Doc

If anytime for your work or to edit, you wish to convert PDF file to Doc file then there is a cool site which lets you do the thing easily.

Zamzar is a great online and free site that can convert files of extensions like Continue reading “Convert PDF to Word Doc and Excel Xls file”

Steps to Enable/Disable Macro in Office 2007

I was supposed to work on the Microsoft Excel Document .xls yesterday and was required to enable the macro for that purpose. This is not a big problem as we used to do that by going to the Tools tab (Tools -> Macro) in earlier versions of Office than 2007.

Macros are one of the important features in Office application and especially for those using Excel. Enabling or disabling macros was easy till Excel 2003 but what in Excel 2007 where there is no tools tab?

We can see the Macro Security option in the Continue reading “Steps to Enable/Disable Macro in Office 2007”