Download YouTube Videos on your Android Phone easily

With our cell phones so much handy and powerful these days, people have started using phone more than laptops or computers and this is the reason why we have so many apps developing these days. Similarly, if you happen to like some video on YouTube and wish to download it in your phone, what would you do?

Well, the primitive method is to log on to computer, download the video and convert it into the phone compatible format and then transfer it to the phone or may be just use a real helpful app called as SnapPea. We have also written about this app earlier, as on the Windows, it can be used to manage your android phone too (link here). Continue reading “Download YouTube Videos on your Android Phone easily”

Listen to Automatic Unlimited Youtube Music with MuzicGenie

We all like listening to songs on Youtube as it is a one stop source for all the new songs and even one can find more versions of the same song there. Youtube also provides us with a playlist feature so that we can listen to our favorite songs queued in the playlist nonstop. However there is no feature with which we can listen to songs related to our favorite song by itself, just like in a radio station and without any human intervention.

Well, with the help of other services you can enjoy more features than the default Youtube player. Here is a service called as MuzicGenie, and it lets you listen to songs related to the song entered by you, one after another automatically and just like you are listening to a radio station. Continue reading “Listen to Automatic Unlimited Youtube Music with MuzicGenie”

Watch YouTube Videos while Scrolling Down to Read Comments

YouTube is one of my favorite time spending activities as there are lots and lots of entertaining and educating videos that whenever I feel bored, I get on to it to spend some time. However not all videos on YouTube are worth watching and finding this before actually watching, is not easy. In order to find that, there are some things that you can do like check the ratings of the video or read the comments posted below.

Thus every time I start watching a video I read the comments first to get an insight of what people think about it but at the same time, I lose the sight of the video being played on the top. This makes me replay the video from starting to see the moments I missed. Continue reading “Watch YouTube Videos while Scrolling Down to Read Comments”

Loop Complete or Specific part of YouTube Videos with Looper for YouTube

There are times when we all have played youtube videos on repeat for many times, whether those are song videos or something really funny. I mostly play the songs when I doing something on Youtube and like to put it on repeat but if you are not using any extension then you know we have to do this thing manually since Youtube doesn’t provide any button to auto repeat the videos.

Well there are many ways to do that, couple of which we have mentioned in the past too. But the reason why I am mentioning about one more way today is that not all extensions provide a way to repeat only a specific part of a video. Say if you just like to replay or loop only certain interval of a youtube video, there is no way to do so. Continue reading “Loop Complete or Specific part of YouTube Videos with Looper for YouTube”

2 Ways to Watch Youtube Videos Not Available in Your Country

YouTube is one of my favorite time spending websites, which I enjoy a lot. Apart from some video tutorials on various items like cooking and working out, it also keeps me updated on some of the video highlights of a game and listen to songs of new movies. But whenever I come across some message preventing the playback of a video, it feels very irritated.

Recently I came across this message that “The Uploader has not made this video available in your Country”. This was very displeasing and I even tried to change my country from the Youtube settings but even it didn’t solve the issue. Continue reading “2 Ways to Watch Youtube Videos Not Available in Your Country”

Enable YouTube’s Old Buffering Method to Buffer a Video in One Go

YouTube is one of my favorite time pass activities as I enjoy watching all kinds of videos there, whether it is music, inspirational or educational. But YouTube has changed quite a well in last some time and thus I find it irritating to spend time. Long Advertisements and YouTube rebuffering are some things that contributed to it.

If you have been using YouTube for long time now, then you already know that YouTube had disabled the complete buffering on a video in one go, which was very helpful with users having slow internet connections. To avoid the break in the videos, users used to pause it at some point so that the entire video can buffer in one go but with new technology used by YouTube called as DASH, the video buffering will also stop when you hit the Pause button. This might be good for the users with faster connection but there are users who still like to buffer the entire video first and then see it. Continue reading “Enable YouTube’s Old Buffering Method to Buffer a Video in One Go”

Download Video Clips from many Video Websites with xVideoServiceThief

I like watching videos over the internet as it is my one of the favorite time pass and also because it keeps you updated with the happenings around the world. While YouTube is the most famous video sharing website among all, there are others too like vimeo, metacafe, myspace and others that also has video sharing capabilities. It happens sometimes that we wish to save certain video clip with us for it becomes easy to watch it over and over and also saving bandwidth.

While downloading videos from YouTube is not very difficult and there are lot many tools and web services which offer the free video downloading feature, it sometimes is difficult to download videos from other video sharing websites. Continue reading “Download Video Clips from many Video Websites with xVideoServiceThief”

Automatically Pause YouTube Videos when Switching to another tab

YouTube is one of my favorite websites as it comes handy at many different situations. It can be helpful if you wish to learn something, to see what’s happening around the world, to pass some time and do other things. I also use it to listen to new and old songs while working on other things side by side.

While listening to some music when working on some other stuff in the background is perfectly fine as you are interested in the sound but not the video, but what if you are watching some trailer or some tutorial? You will be required to pause the video before you switch to another tab as now you are interested in more of the video than the sound. Continue reading “Automatically Pause YouTube Videos when Switching to another tab”

Tweak YouTube and Hide Watched YouTube Videos with YouTweak

We all like watching videos on YouTube, don’t we? The one good thing about it is that based on our activity it automatically suggests us the next video that might interest us. Say, if you are watching some prank video then all the suggestions for the next video will be of similar video and if you use YouTube on different computers then there is no way to remember what all videos you have watched already.

Here is a simple Chrome extension that will help you tweak YouTube for many features once installed. This extension is called as YouTweak and as the name suggests it can be used to tweak certain default functionalities on YouTube. Continue reading “Tweak YouTube and Hide Watched YouTube Videos with YouTweak”

Play Youtube Videos in VLC Player

Youtube is full of videos of every genre and it really helps in serving various purposes like passing our time, increasing our knowledge or just providing some exposure to other places. However to watch a Youtube video we need to visit either on a web browser or run the Youtube app on cellphone.

Although it is possible to watch videos over the browser but it gives us limited functionalities. On the other hand, wouldn’t it be great if we can watch the same video on VLC so that we have more control of the video being played? Yes it is possible to watch all the youtube videos on VLC player and this gives us more control on the videos. Continue reading “Play Youtube Videos in VLC Player”