TechSalsa Mega Christmas Giveaway 2011 starts Today

It is the end of the year yet again, and the time of festivities with Christmas round the corner. We have always celebrated festivals with joy and wished our readers for the good time ahead.

This year we are holding our very first Mega Christmas Giveaway which starts right now on this occasion of Christmas for the year 2011. Here is another chance to celebrate more on this occasion. In this article, I am posting general rules of the giveaway on how to participate and what you can win for yourself.

What you can win for yourself in this giveaway:

I am offering one Transcend 32 GB USB 3.0 Pen Drive (worth around 50$), which you can use for any purpose. The drive works well with both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports and for all those who are already on the USB 3.0 laptop, this is a must have device in your bag.

Here are the general rules of the giveaway and how to take part:

1. Just subscribe to our free computer tips and tricks by entering your email address in this link. Don’t forget to confirm your subscription by clicking the link in the email received.
Note: it is free too.

2. Join us on Facebook as I would be announcing the name of the Winner on our official Fan Page only.

3. Drop a comment below with your name. Make sure to provide the correct email ID here, as I would be asking for your details on this.

4. You are free to spread the word and tell your family or friends about the giveaway. It would be nice if you could.

5. We expect you to respond on the email sent by us in 5 days, else you may loose the giveaway to someone else.

6. Please don’t comment again with different name/email ID as we will verify your details. This may lead to your disqualification.

Note: If you have done the first two steps already, you don’t need to do that again.

The giveaway will be active for this month and I shall announce the result on/after Christmas. So wish you All the Best and Merry Christmas.


The giveaway has been closed, and the winner have been randomly selected to be John. Congrats John for the drive, enjoy your gift!

31 Replies to “TechSalsa Mega Christmas Giveaway 2011 starts Today”

  1. Rajat I am already subscribed user and have joined on FB too. Do I have to repeat or I am in by default?

  2. Hey Rajat…..

    All steps have been followed and following it was really exciting, as if you will strike a fortune here…..
    Good job done

  3. a great giveaway. I subscribed to your block thro’ email and I also joined u in your facebook page. Pl count me in for the giveaway. Thank u.

  4. TechSalsa has been a very useful and helpful website.. since I first visited it in sept 2009, I’d subscribed to it and have been receiving a lot of tools, tips and tricks, etc.. Thanks a lot!

  5. Hello Techsalsa,
    Truly a Festive giveaway.A portable storage device of 32gb,enough for me to back up my data.I am fed up with backing up my data specially Software’s on DVDs,formatting DVDs in windows live format,deleting older version of Software,adding the new one.Resulting a scratched DVDs and then searching for a program to recover the data out of it.
    Only one giveaway and many participant,chances of winning are less but let try my luck.
    Followed every rule as stated.
    Thank You.

  6. TS, you have never failed in giving answers to my tach problems. Now, I’m having problems with my hard disk space so maybe you could help me by giving me a 32 Gb Pen Drive (he, he, he)?

  7. Great giveaway On this Festive season.32 Gb Is Great space To Carry My songs, Movies,Docx ,SoftWare With Me Any Where
    Thanks For This GiveAway

  8. Keep in touch guys, you can win next time. There are many more giveaways to come, so try your luck next time.
    I appreciate the efforts you all have put in 🙂

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