Terminate Unnecessary Processes in a Single Click

We have lot many processes running in the background, some of them are really important and required by the system whereas most of them are not that important and can be shut down in case of need. It becomes really bad when we open some files in the system for working, but the system becomes sluggish.

Likewise is a situation, when we wish to play some games in the computer but the system memory doesn’t allow us. One way to make the system fast and free some memory is by terminating the useless processes running in background but that had to be done manually which is a big turn off.

Here is a tool called JetBoost which can terminate all these processes running in the background and consuming memory, with just a single click. Yes, it becomes that easy after using this tool. So whether it is for the work or for the gaming, you can shutdown all the unnecessary services and processes at once with a single click using this free tool.

Moreover, the boost feature of the JetBoost allows you to select which all services or processes you wish to terminate when you click. The tool is free to use and is safe to use, just ensure you don’t terminate any important system process which may lead to system instability.

JetBoost is compatible with all versions of Windows, both 32 and 64 bit and is free to use.

Download JetBoost

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