Test your Computer’s Sleep and Hibernation Functionality with Sleeper

Apart from the usual Shutdown our machines have couple of more power saving modes namely Sleep (also known as Stand By) and Hibernation. On my desktop I liked the Hibernation functionality very much as it allowed me to quickly save the session and turn off the computer while the session remained saved, and instantly restore it back when turned on.

On the other hand, on my laptop I prefer the Sleep mode as all I have to do is just close the lid and the session is saved by default so that whenever I open the lid back, I get the same active session back. In case you are wondering the actual difference between the two, while Sleep mode uses the system power/battery although very low, Hibernation is like turning off the computer in which the power is completely saved.

It would be interesting for you to note here that restoring the session back to normal is faster in Sleep mode than that in Hibernation mode. You can check your system’s performance to these modes too with the help of a tool called Sleeper. The tool is developed to test the ability of the computer systems to enter and recover from the Sleep and Hibernation modes.

Sleeper allows you to:

• Put a PC into any sleep state (S1, S2, S3) supported by the system
• Place your PC into hibernation (S4)
• Wake the computer after a specified period of time.
• Put a PC to sleep or hibernation from the command line
• Force the PC into the requested sleep state
• Cycle through all sleep states or just all states supported by the system
• Launch Sleeper from BurnInTest scripts to test sleep states between test runs.
• Display the supported sleep states

You just need to download the tool and get started. As a point of note to all the users, since this tool involves testing the system for sleep and hibernation modes, your system may enter sleep or hibernate modes so it is advisable to save and close all your documents so there is no data loss.

The tool is free to download (in case of personal use) and doesn’t require much of system requirements too. You can get it downloaded from the link below.

Download Sleeper

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