The Use of ScrLk Key

Wondering what a key titled ScrLk is doing on our keyboards? Well, it’s a fact that most of us didn’t actually know the function of ScrLk key. I have asked many people but found that this is a key least used by them. Let’s see what this key is doing there:

ScrLk stands for Scroll Lock and is placed between the keys PrtScn and Break. This toggle key is also associated with a light indication, showing whether it’s on or off. The key has got something related to the arrow keys. It was developed to modify the work done by the arrow keys and even its working depends upon the software that is currently in use.

The primary work it used to do was that if it was made on then the arrow keys could scroll the page up or down instead of moving the indicator up or down in the text. But in today’s world where the invention of mouse with scroll wheel has made scrolling so easy, you would hardly find that function. Yes there are some applications which still support this utility and you can check doing that when you work on Microsoft Excel next time.

So you must be thinking if the use of this key is so rare then what is it still doing on the keyboards? The answer to this is that even today different software uses this key for different purposes and it solely depends upon their setup as the software may assign any function to this key.

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